Jeremy Fall’s Probably Nothing Launches a Major Web3 Record, ‘Probably A Label’, With Warner Records

By Karim Nurani Karim Nurani has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 26, 2022

The label sold out 5,555 passes in seven minutes. First drop from Diddy & JasonMartin exclusively to pass holders

LOS ANGELES, October 13, 2022- Jeremy Fall, former celebrity restaurateur turned Web3 creator of Probably Nothing, announces the launch of Probably A Label, a Web3 major record label in collaboration with Warner Records.

Probably A Label believes music best comes alive when there’s context people can connect to emotionally. They are creators that help artists rewrite those stories using the power of NFTs and believe Web3 allows artists to create with more freedom and connect with fans on a much deeper level – their mission is to live at the intersection of that culture.

This new type of record label is aimed at redefining IP ownership in the music industry, utilizing Web3 technology. It is the first time that a major label joins forces with a leading NFT culture brand to build an ecosystem that enables artists to create freely using new technologies. Their mission is not to redefine how people listen to music, but to elevate the experience in which people consume it, as well as collaborate directly with artists in a manner that helps develop their creative language.

The label launched 5,555 passes that exemplify its vision of what the future of music looks like, which sold out in 7 minutes. These debuted on OpenSea, following last week’s announcement of the partnership with Warner Music Group. Their first music drop will be from Grammy Award winner Diddy and JasonMartin, claimable for Probably A Label holders. While artists will use the Web3 label as a new platform to release music for holders, the community will capitalize on ‘Studio A’, an incubator that will help community IP come to life. Studio A shines as a key feature where the label partners with select members, accepting pitches for any ideas specific to that project’s IP. If someone owns IP from an approved project and has an idea for a concept around it, Probably A Label can help bring it to life utilizing their resources.

Studio A will begin by accepting pitches using NFTs from approved partner projects including Azuki, BAYC, Clone X, Cryptopunks, Degen Toonz, Doodles, Photosynthesis, Project Gojira, Pudgy Penguins, Stickmen Toys, Women & Weapons and World of Women, with more partners to be announced soon. Projects accepted into this incubator program will have access to resources from Probably A Label, Probably Nothing and Warner Records’ ecosystems, including financing, marketing, creative development, partnerships, branding and PR. Probably A Label sees itself as the bridge between music in Web2 and Web3, that simultaneously evolves the connection between the traditional record label model and music fans.


Other features include the ability to own a community-created NFT project that will serve as the label’s initial virtual musician. This project will be built in conjunction with the community of holders through a voting system on design, storyline and other creative. More features include exclusive access to the label’s future drops, a community-driven music library for holders’ use, educational content highlighting best IP execution practices, access to in-person and virtual events, merchandise and more.

“I grew up in the 90s listening to so many artists on Warner Records. It’s surreal to have it come full circle and help them redefine how people experience music in today’s Web3 era,” said Jeremy Fall, Creator of Probably Nothing. “There are a lot of conversations to be had around IP ownership and how to best utilize that IP. What attracted me the most about Warner Records is that they wanted to enter the NFT space the right way by offering full IP rights for Stickmen Toys, which we ended up partnering on.”

The collaboration with Probably Nothing and Warner Records started with Stickmen Toys. Probably Nothing helped Warner Records enter the Web3 space by providing the bridge from Web2 to Web3. Stickmen Toys is a collection of 5,000 unique, audio-visual avatars, giving collectors creative and commercial freedom to push boundaries with their ownership of the copyright.

Sebastian Simone, Vice President of Audience & Strategy at Warner Records said, “Jeremy and the Probably Nothing team share our vision of evolving the connection between labels, their artists and fan communities. We’re excited to be partnering with Probably A Label on developing what the future of music ownership looks like, collaborating with our communities on bringing IP to life and working with artists to enter the Web3 space in a meaningful, authentic way.”

By Karim Nurani Karim Nurani has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Karim Nurani is an editor-at-large and events podcast host at Grit Daily News. Based in San Francisco, he is the chief strategy officer of Linqto, co-founder of the Global Investor Conference.

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