Walmart Hops Onboard the Influencer Marketing Train

Published on August 2, 2018

Walmart is now one of the many massive companies we see making the move toward influencer marketing in 2018. To compete with services such as Amazon Prime, the worldwide outlet has had to make some changes to its business strategies in recent years. The brand is finding that expanding into influencer marketing can directly impact their online sales with the lifestyle products they have available.

Of those changes in Wal Mart’s marketing strategy, we’ve seen services such as their Goodies program begin to dominate the online retailer’s buying options. The service allows customers to subscribe to a monthly box that will deliver new products and snacks available at the store. “…customers are able to eliminate buyer’s remorse by being able to decide if they like the product before buying full size or full price,” says Linqia, the marketing company behind Wal Mart’s rebranding process.

Wal Mart’s influencer marketing strategies are not unlike most companies’ presence online, but the company is focusing on funneling consumers into their website and keeping them there instead of simply creating brand awareness. None of the influencer content on Wal Mart’s website links to other websites or blogs, and most of the partnerships you’ll see are in embedded links on blogs and social media that lead to Wal Mart’s individual product pages. Bigelow Teas, for example, has partnered with a few different bloggers to create content that shows the variation in uses for their products, which can be purchased on Wal Mart’s website.

Wal Mart has integrated over 30 products into their influencer marketing campaigns since June, and the company plans to increase that amount over time. In addition to embedding links around the internet, Wal Mart has invested heavily in the use of influencers as models for some of the different products available on their site. Looking around the site, users will notice their favorite beauty bloggers, food bloggers or lifestyle personalities used in advertising various products within their niche demographics.

The use of influencer marketing by mega-corporations is not a new strategy, but it hasn’t necessarily caught on with companies like Amazon who launched their own way for influencers to leave reviews on individual products. The benefits of using social media, blogs and influencers as marketing tools are especially useful for brands looking to target millennial demographics that are unreachable through television, radio and print advertising.

Social media provides a way for companies to connect with tougher audiences and increase brand awareness and sales. Companies often track the ROI for influencer marketing by offering product discount codes to users as a way to monitor which influencers are generating the most revenue for the company. As the millennial market ages into becoming the target demographic for lifestyle products, Wal Mart has had to redesign their site in order to accommodate advances in technology that begin to favor online services over brick and mortar retail. The site began offering delivery and curbside pickup just a few years ago and continues to implement strategies that compete with Amazon in their subscription box services and marketing campaigns.

Julia Sachs is a former Managing Editor at Grit Daily. She covers technology, social media and disinformation. She is based in Utah and before the pandemic she liked to travel.

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