Impossible Foods Partners With Burger King to Debut a Meat-Free Whopper

Published on June 20, 2019

Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods started garnering attention when it announced its signature product, a plant-based, meatless burger. Now, after receiving over $387 million in funding and working with a variety of fine dining establishments, Impossible Foods announced its partnership with Burger King on a meatless whopper.

The Impossible Whopper really isn’t really too different from the traditional Whopper though. Featuring the same bun, cheese, and condiments, the only difference is the plant-based patty. Now, many consumers would fear the taste-difference when it comes to trying plant-based “meat” products, but CNET journalist Brian Cooley’s behind-the-scenes experience seems to suggest otherwise.

Having the opportunity to tour the Impossible Foods headquarters and taste some of the whoppers being delivered to Burger King, Cooley says that “Nothing gives away the fact that this Whopper contains a different main ingredient.” This is fascinating, but no surprise. A company with a founder like Stanford Professor Patrick Brown is surely to be highly science and research-driven.

And get this.

According to The Guardian, emissions that come from livestock make up roughly 15% of total emissions. This makes Impossible Whopper seems to be a highly sustainable meat alternative.

And at a price point of just $1 more than a traditional Whopper, the Impossible Whopper is easily affordable for the typical consumer. Altogether, Impossible Foods, like Tesla, is a company that seeks to disrupt a huge industry with a sustainable solution.

Conclusions on Impossible Foods

It’s fairly early to determine whether or not a plant-based meat alternative will be able to truly be adopted by the general public. But what is undeniable is its highly environmentally-conscious mission and its significant traction, having raised over $387 million in funding from various big-name investors.

Coupled with having piloted with White Castle and other restaurants, and now Burger King, Impossible Foods seems to have great potential.

Steven Li

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