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Hyundai announces solar-charging car in bid for sustainability

Just Friday, Hyundai announced the launch of its first car with a solar roof charging system, which would be first introduced to the newest Sonata Hybrid. Promising to roll out the technology to other cars in the future, the company’s move is its first of many. Fundamentally, introducing the solar roof should help improve fuel efficiency, boost electric power, and reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. According to the company’s announcement, its silicon panels would allow for between 30 and 60...

Environmental concerns fuel surge in plant-based meat sales

Burgers have long been a staple for Americans. However, as the beef industry tops emissions charts, several fast-food chains have presented consumers with plant-based alternatives. And surprisingly, consumers are loving it. Plant-Based Meat Surges in Popularity From January 2019 to May 2019, American consumers purchased 228 million plant-based burgers, per market research firm, The NPD Group. The figure shows a 10% surge in sales for the plant-based food industry from the following year....

Sunnova approaches profitability ahead of its IPO. Investors should pay attention.

In mid-June, there were rumors that residential solar unicorn Sunnova planned to IPO. On June 27th, the company confirmed the rumors by submitting a pre-IPO prospectus to the SEC. As Sunnova becomes the first residential solar company to IPO in years, investor interest is piqued. But as the space tapers off, the company’s future is unclear. Major roadblocks could bar the company from both a successful IPO and in the long run, growth opportunities that its competitors took advantage of in...

Nespresso Trying To Get Other Coffee Companies To Be More Sustainable

Thinking about that afternoon cup o’ Joe right about now? Although owning a Keurig is convenient, the single-serve plastic coffee pods have a drastic environmental impact. Inevitably, consumers use plastic coffee pods once and then discard them into landfills. Allegedly, the amount of K-cups that have been discarded into the landfills could wrap the planet more than ten times. Nespresso introduces a more sustainable solution: recyclable coffee pods. A more sustainable coffee pod...

Tesla’s latest “Powerpack” battery markets its sustainability. But are its claims true?

Tesla’s dedication to sustainability is apparent. After all, it manufactures a car that doesn’t run on gasoline. And get this: its Nevada Gigafactory is powered 100% by renewable energy sources. But beyond being a pioneer in the EV market, Tesla’s Powerpack battery system is what shows its promise of truly making the world a more sustainable place. So what is the Powerpack? Tesla claims that the Powerpack is a system of “high-performance batteries for the grid.” In short, Tesla hopes to...

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