How to Be an Efficient Realtor

By Craig Goodliffe Craig Goodliffe has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 29, 2024

Realtors who fail to master the art of efficiency are destined to fail. There is simply too much to accomplish in the real estate world.

Today’s realtors are responsible for lead generation, market analysis, property marketing, client consultations, negotiations, paperwork, and more. They are essentially a team unto themselves, especially as they seek to get their business off the ground. 

Without maximum efficiency, realtors can quickly stumble under the weight of all of these responsibilities. When that happens, clients feel neglected, and business dries up.

The following are steps realtors can take to increase their efficiency. While any one of them can make a difference, applying all of them — at least to a small degree — can provide realtors with a valuable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

Make the Most of Today’s Technology

Technology is an invaluable tool for efficiency that streamlines connections and organizes data. With the latest advances in artificial intelligence, technology can even serve as a digital assistant, handling a wide variety of tasks that a few years ago would have required human involvement.

A digital customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a foundational component of the realtor’s technology framework that allows for greater efficiency in managing leads, organizing tasks, and staying connected with contacts. Today’s CRMs can also automate tasks for the realtor, serving as a digital assistant who manages email marketing, social media posting, and other tasks designed to drive greater customer engagement.

Virtual tools can also dramatically increase a realtor’s efficiency. Platforms that allow for virtual tours of properties not only reduce the realtor’s workload but also expand the market they can serve. Platforms that allow for e-signatures and other remote document processing can streamline the closing process, making it more efficient for both realtors and their clients.

Explore the Capabilities of Virtual Assistants

Because real estate is such a client-facing business, handing off client-related interactions to automation and other digital solutions will not always be the best solution. Virtual assistants, however, can increase efficiency while still providing real estate clients with the degree of personalized attention they expect.

Virtual assistants work remotely, meaning realtors can secure their services at less cost than they would need to pay for an in-office assistant. Working with virtual assistants also gives realtors access to a larger talent pool, essentially allowing them to choose from skilled workers anywhere in the world. Virtual assistants can handle a wide range of tasks for realtors, assisting with leads, listings, client scheduling, marketing, and more.

Develop Strategies That Streamline Workflows

Shifting gears is an efficiency killer because it requires refocusing and rebuilding concentration and momentum. Psychologists refer to this as context switching and agree it can derail your workday.

Streamlining workflows avoids the efficiency drag that comes from context switching. This involves organizing your day to involve time blocks during which you can focus on similar tasks like client calls or preparing listing presentations.

Delegating and outsourcing are other steps realtors can take to streamline workflows. Automating repetitive tasks or handing them off to virtual assistants can reduce the number of items that demand your attention, allowing you to stay focused on the most important tasks.

Invest in Self-Care

The daily grind of the real estate world can be physically and emotionally draining, as the work schedule often involves long and irregular hours. Clients have high expectations and often bring emotional attachments to the mix. Additionally, income is inconsistent, which can lead to feelings of financial instability.

Realtors who don’t find strategies for managing the stress of the real estate environment can find themselves affected in ways that make focus and efficiency impossible to achieve, but prioritizing self-care is a way to keep the proper perspective on work demands. Getting adequate sleep, eating well, and building a support system will help to keep burnout at bay and allow you to maintain peak performance.

Efficiency is a great business multiplier. It allows you to do more with less, increasing your output without increasing your input. For realtors, efficiency is the key to optimizing your efforts and achieving higher levels of client satisfaction and business success.

By Craig Goodliffe Craig Goodliffe has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Craig Goodliffe is a contributor to Grit Daily. He is the CEO and Founder of Cyberbacker, the leading provider of virtual assistance and administrative support services from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Goodliffe is an entrepreneur with deep expertise in business development, and he shares his insight as a MAPS coach who helps clients earn seven-figure incomes. Cyberbacker is changing the lives of small business owners and remote workers through its world-class business solutions.

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