HGTV Star Page Turner Talks ‘Flip or Flop’ Role and Life Before Real Estate

Published on June 14, 2019

Almost every success story starts with a dream or a profound vision. The next step is taking action towards fruition regardless of your circumstances in life.

Page Turner, who stars on HGTV’s Flip or Flop: Nashville, knows this all too well. She was a single mother raising her children with limited help and living with a friend before her role on television. Her determination towards turning her passion into opportunity outweighed her obstacles in her personal life.

With nothing to lose, she responded to an email about a television network looking to cast couples for a new real estate show. The role entailed the husband as the contractor and wife as the designer.

But Page had an even bigger vision for a show idea and began to draft a treatment to present to the production company. She had more than 15 years of real estate and brokerage experience — flipping houses seemed like an attainable goal and a move in the right direction. The HGTV star received a response the next day and the rest was history.

Both Page Turner and Deron Jenkins are in their second season of Flip or Flop: Nashville, which reportedly airs in over 10 millions homes. The two are no longer a couple but this has not stopped them from flipping houses in a competitive market like Nashville. They are the epitome of how to maintain a business together through a breakup.

On the latest episode of Brand Newz ‘n Life, founded by Christopher “Play” Martin of the iconic hip hop duo Kid ‘n Play, Page Turner talks about her life as a single mother and how she was able to secure a role on the television network.

Turner’s source of strength and inspiration comes from her kids. She went on to explain that clarity, balance, and prayer are the keys to her success.

“My three beautiful daughters,” Page told Brand Newz ‘n Life when asked about what motivates her. “They have been my core and source of strength and have been on this life journey with me since before I even knew who I was. So I work and fight so that when I see them win, I win.”

Grit Daily: Now how do you stay on course while managing your vision?

Page Turner: My biggest challenge in business has been managing the vision of my companies. While I thrive in big vision, big vision also comes with a lot of weight. To quote Luke 12:48 — to whom much is given, much is required (expected).

GD: Tells us more about how your journey towards landing the role on the network. 

PT: My idea wasn’t anything the production company/network was looking for, but I thought I would shoot my shot! So I wrote a short treatment about my ex-boyfriend — Deron Jenkins, who is a contractor — and I realized that we “worked well together” — we just didn’t “work well together.”

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