Her Forward Aims To Bridge the Coverage Gap by Focusing On Women Entrepreneurs

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Published on November 11, 2022

We can say that female business leaders often do not get the same coverage as male business leaders, but this can be difficult to quantify and is often passed off as hearsay. But  research by Professor Edward Smith of the Kellogg School of Management took data from all CEO appointments in the U.S. between 2000 and 2014, as well as media announcements related to the appointments for both print and digital. The study also looked at the short-term market responses to each media announcement. 

The findings were that female appointments accounted for only 84 out of the total of 8000 appointments. However, even though the tone of the coverage of the CEO announcements was identical, the market reacted unfavorably when the appointment of a female CEO received significant media attention compared to reacting favorably to the appointment of a male CEO. In addition to this, when the appointment of female CEOs attracted less media attention the market reacted favorably, more so than when appointed male CEOs received little media attention or when female CEOs attracted significant media attention. 

Why is the coverage gap a problem for women business leaders?

Yet this does present a number of problems. It seems strange in this day and age that we should have to whisper one gender’s announcement while shouting out another’s for fear of causing a negative impact in the market. Why shouldn’t women business leaders get the same recognition, and furthermore, why should they not get the same amount and quality of coverage?

Like it or not, female business leaders often do not get the opportunity to share their success stories, their achievements, and the unique insights they bring to their businesses. Yet this runs the risk of missing out on valuable information. 

How is Her Forward aiming to bridge the coverage gap for women?

Her Forward is a US-based online publication founded in 2021 by Michael Peres, a techinvestor, software engineer, and journalist. Peres founded the publication alongside a suite of outlets, which include Peres Daily, Breaking 9 To 5, and Israel Now. The publication’s mission is to focus on women business leaders and female entrepreneurs from around the globe, providing a place where they can share their success stories, the challenges they face, and advice and tips for others. 

Female entrepreneurs’ stories often go overlooked and underrepresentation and systemic barriers continue to exist today. However, by providing an outlet for women’s business stories, we hope to normalize them in the media and reduce gender bias and discrimination. 

The publication is aimed at women entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, from seasoned professionals to those just starting out on their journey. We are always looking for unique stories from female entrepreneurs who can share their experiences, learning points, and insights. Through its content, Her Forward’s vision is to provide valuable information and insights to readers, with the latest trends and strategies for success.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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