Garrain Jones Explains Artist Power and Why Billionaires and CEOs Are Embracing It

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 11, 2022

An ever-growing number of business leaders, artists, entertainers and entrepreneurs annually flock to the Austin, TX, estate of Garrain Jones to do things markedly out of character for most of them. It might be banging a drum and dancing wildly around the room as others watch until they join in. Or, it might be a renewing deep meditation session. It is all focused what Garrain calls Artist Power, which has been embraced by leaders, executives and even billionaires.

Garrain, a widely-followed author and speaker on personal transformation, describes Artist Power as an awakening of our inner child to rediscover the authenticity and connection to the self of our earliest years. During the annual retreat he hosts at his Austin home he teaches the lessons he learned through the trial and tribulation in his own life. His Artist Power journey was long and included homelessness, time served in an overseas prison, and eventually a career in music signed to Ludacris’  Disturbing tha Peace label that led to the burnout that inspired his work as a transformative healer.

In an interview, Garrain shared how his personal journey began and what Artist Power means to the millions of people who follow his work.

GritDaily: How did your personal story begin as a child?

Garrain Jones: My life as a child was a mix of fun, confusing and difficult. I always knew I wanted to be a superhero when I got older. I wanted to be stronger than the average man, have abs like an action figure and save and change lives all over the world. It seemed as though I was the only one who believed this dream.

My family didn’t come from money, nor was affection a priority on anybody’s list. Even though I now know my mom and brother did the best they could with what they knew, I still felt alone and like nobody cared about me. I knew I was different from a lot of people around me because I dressed differently, I talked differently and my peers surely reminded me of how different and weird I was.

Being different at that time meant that you didn’t really have many friends. Pretty much the only kids who wanted to hang out with me were the ones who always got into trouble. Naturally, I morphed into that lifestyle of running the streets, getting in trouble and going in and out of juvenile detention.

After my father was murdered when I was 12 years old, I felt like half of me died and that’s when my life started on a downward spiral. That was the general makeup of my childhood. Of course there was a lot of fun in between as well but the negative impact far outweighed those memories.

GD: When did you realize your calling was to help others through speaking and coaching? 

Garrain Jones: Oftentimes little kids show flashes of something that they are naturally drawn to. Since the age of five I had wanted to be a superhero. I wanted to be stronger than the average man. Have abs like an action figure and save and change lives all over the world. I had no clue that what my soul was trying to articulate at that time would have me speaking, coaching, facilitating and impacting millions all over the world. I asked for this life. 

Many people see an energized adult inspiring people all over the world to remember the greatness within themselves. But what I feel is the power of little Garrain doing what he’s always wanted to do. The little kid inside all of us is who I called the artist and when we tap into the artist, it unlocks a power. That is what I call Artist Power. This is the same power that is connected to the creation of the universe.

GD: How should one plan their morning routine?

Garrain Jones: I created a powerful morning activation called the power hour. First you write a list the night before. This list should have three categories: body, mind and soul.

In the body category write down two or three physical activities that you can do within 20 minutes. This will wake up your nervous system and boost your joy state. 

In the mind category, write down two or three things that contribute to growing your mind. Like reading a chapter in a book, journal practice, learning something new like a guitar chord. This opens up your mind and creates a fertile environment for growth. You’ll do this for 20 minutes as well.

Finally, in the soul category, this is where you’re going to nurture your soul as if it were the love that you would give to a newborn baby. For the last 20 minutes of the power hour you are going to write down two or three things such as meditating, mirror affirmations or listening to classical music while being silent and dropping into your heart. This will increase your heart’s frequency, which is what is needed for an energized day of momentum.

GD: How can you overcome validation seeking behaviors?

Garrain Jones: There is so much power in the community that you surround yourself with. People often morph into the behaviors they see modeled consistently around them. If you truly want to shift those behaviors and surround yourself around people who authentically express themselves. Your soul will experience the frequency of freedom and will eventually duplicate it. This is why they say you are the average of the five closest people who you continuously surround yourself with. So choose wisely.

GD: What meditation practices do you use to protect your mindset? 

Garrain Jones: I do daily positive affirmations in the mirror and I leverage it with something I already do daily like brushing my teeth. This way I don’t forget to do them. Positive affirmations are such an important reminder because humans often adopt negative self-talk from the environment that they grew up in. Positive affirmations nourish the soul and bring it back into authenticity. If you intentionally tell yourself who you are and let a meditative silence reverberate that voice, then you will not live a life where you are trying to change into what people think you are or think you should be. The meditation of positive affirmations brings you back to the real you.

GD: How can Artist Power help people impact the world?

Garrain Jones: Artist Power impacts the world by teaching adults how to tap back into that little kid inside of them. The artist is that little kid and when we unlock that energy, it produces power. This is Artist Power.

It’s the same power that creates the world. It’s the same power that’s inside of each of us. So just imagine.. remembering the joy, passion, unlimited energy, fearlessness that has always been inside of you.

Adults are deteriorated children and when we abandon that part of us, it creates a disconnect between our spiritual and physical self. This is when we say “I feel like something is missing.“ Our world is missing its pulse. Or maybe, the change we really need is what comes through the eyes, mind and heart of that little kid inside of you who feels seen, heard and like they matter in the world.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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