The 7 Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2021

Published on June 27, 2021

When you leave the house to go somewhere, there are certain things you cannot be without, but the most necessary item is your wallet. However, not all wallets are created equally, and when it comes to comfort and convenience, front pocket wallets stand out. In this article, you will see some of the best front pocket wallets out there.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2021

Criteria for Choosing the Front Pocket Wallets

A front pocket wallet is meant to provide a comfortable, convenient, and appealing option for those who want to carry their wallet with ease. Therefore, it was important to pick front pocket wallets that have these qualities:

  • Thin: While not every front pocket wallet takes this idea to the extreme, there is a trend that front pocket wallets eliminate bulkiness in favor of a lightweight and thin design. This is often done through minimalism, with the wallets only having room essentials.
  • Quality: There is no reason to sacrifice quality for comfort and convenience. In fact, if a front pocket wallet is made out of high-quality materials, it can often last longer than a back pocket wallet. Therefore, it was important to only choose wallets with good materials and craftsmanship.
  • Ease of Use: Front pocket wallets are small and compact, and a lot of times, that can lead to the card slots being tight and difficult. Moreover, money clips can have similar problems on front pocket wallets. Of course, it can be difficult to avoid, but ease of use was kept in mind when selecting the wallets on this list.

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a great front pocket wallet, though the above covers the main concerns. The rest comes down to preferences and style.

The 7 of Best Front Pocket Wallets of 2021

Front pocket wallets are a popular choice nowadays, so there are a lot of them on the market. Of course, there is also a lot of variation, from those that take thinness to the extreme to those more focused on balancing size with functionality. You will find a little bit of everything on this list below to make your decision easier.

Buffway Mens Slim Wallet

A great front pocket wallet to start things off is the one featured here from Buffway. The reason for this is that it takes minimalism to the extreme, providing a slim, lightweight, and convenient wallet for anyone looking for something portable. It does this by reducing needless pockets and slots, only giving you room for essentials.

This front pocket wallet has a total of five slots for cards, with one of them being clear, making it perfect for an ID or similar card. It also has a middle pocket that works great for cash bills and other thin objects. Moreover, while it might seem simplistic, this wallet actually works to block RFID signals to help you keep your information safe.

  • It is thin and easy to carry around
  • There is plenty of room for essentials
  • It comes in twenty colors
  • The RFID blocking protects your information
  • The quality-to-price ratio is fantastic

  • It can hold very little in the middle pocket
  • Getting out a card can be tedious at times

Fidelo Minimalist Wallets

The Fidelo wallet is not just a wallet for minimalists because it has a look and features that serve a modern audience. It all starts with the inner case, which is the main part of the wallet. It is made out of RFID-blocking aluminum, and it can hold around seven cards. Moreover, it has a feature that pops your cards out with the press of a button.

Aside from the inner wallet, which can be used alone, this wallet has an outer chamber and cash band. The outer chamber can be purchased in leather or nylon, and aside from serving as a case for the aluminum wallet, it also has additional storage space for cash or cards. If that is not enough, the cash band can secure cash on the outside.

  • There are three pieces, allowing you to customize your storage space
  • You can easily access the cards with the spring-loaded design
  • The aluminum wallet has RFID blocking
  • The outer wallet utilizes high-quality leather
  • It comes with a convenient cash band

  • The cards do not always come out that far using the spring-loaded trigger
  • It can be difficult to pull things out from the external pockets

SERMAN BRANDS Slim Bifold Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

There is a lot to love from SERMAN BRANDS front pocket wallet, starting from the genuine leather that gives it such an appealing look. It also has a bifold design, including a money clip, so it is one of the better options out there for those who like to carry cash in a front pocket wallet. It even has RFID blocking technology.

Of course, being slim and stylish is only one aspect of this great wallet. It also has a lot of storage space, with a front pocket meant for your most used cards and two additional pockets on the inside. There is even a photo ID slot and smart pull-strap to give you quick access to everyday cards without increasing the bulk of the wallet.

  • It has space for between six and eight cards
  • There is a money clip and plenty of room for cash
  • It has RFID blocking technology
  • There is a smart pull-strap for quick access to your cards
  • It is made from genuine leather

  • The overall storage space is on the smaller side
  • Some have found the money clip to be a bit loose

TRAVANDO Mens Slim Wallet with Money Clip

There are few front pocket wallets that can compete with the one featured here when it comes to card slots. This TRAVANDO wallet is slim, but it provides space for 11 cards, including a pocket for a photo ID and an easy-to-access external pocket for anything you use regularly. There is even a money clip on the inside for those that use cash.

Storage space is not all this wallet has to go for it, however. In fact, it carries itself well with a stylish design that comes in carbon or black and orange. There is also extensive testing done on these wallets to ensure that they are safe against the most commonly used 13.56 MHz band, which protects you against RFID and NFC scanners.

  • There is space for up to 11 cards in this wallet
  • It has a money clip to easily secure cash
  • The design is slim, stylish, and portable
  • It protects against RFID and NFC scanners

  • Many find that the money clip is cumbersome
  • It is not as thin as most minimalist front pocket wallets

Travelambo Front Pocket Minimalist Leather Slim Wallet

This wallet is a minimalist’s dream, with a design that cuts down on all the fat and delivers nothing but a slim wallet that is easy to carry around. In fact, it’s so slim that it measures around 0.12-inches thick. Of course, you should only choose this if you do not carry much, as there are only six card slots and a side slot for folded cash.

If you are fine with the limited storage space, you will get a great wallet made from genuine leather. It is also ideal if you are worried about security since it has RFID technology that blocks RFID signals and effortlessly keeps your information safe. If you are interested, you should definitely see if you like any of the 11 color options available.

  • It is an extremely thin front pocket option
  • There is a photo ID slot and a space for cash
  • The material used is genuine leather
  • It blocks RFID signals
  • There are 11 color options

  • The storage space is limited
  • The cash pocket does not hold much

HOJ Co. CARRYALL Mens Leather Money Clip Wallet

If you are looking for a well-made, minimalist front pocket wallet that has a classic design with a modern sensibility, then this is the wallet for you. This high-quality piece is made out of leather and has incredible craftsmanship, making it ideal for someone looking for a wallet to carry for a long time to come.

There is a decent bit of storage space in this wallet as well. It starts with four external card slots and a photo ID slot, which provide quick access to the cards you use regularly. Then there is a side-entry storage space that works great for additional cards, allowing the wallet to hold a total of between 8 and 10 cards. Plus, you get a money clip.

  • There is ample storage space in a compact package
  • It is made out of real leather
  • The craftsmanship and style are fantastic
  • There is a money clip for cash

  • The strong money clip can make it difficult to take out cards
  • Not as small as some other front pocket wallets

Carhartt Men’s Standard Front Pocket Wallet

Carhartt makes a strong showing with this wallet due to the high-quality leather and stylish look. Moreover, there are four styles to choose from, including the rugged brown and black wallet featured here. Of course, while the imported leather and craftsmanship are worth admiring, there is a lot to love about this wallet, such as its compact storage.

The Carhartt wallet can store a lot of cards in a small space. It starts with external storage, with one side having an ID slot and the other having both a money clip and another external card slot. Inside the wallet, there are six card slots and two areas to slip in additional cards or other essentials, giving it a total of ten spaces for storage.

  • It uses imported leather and has great craftsmanship
  • There is ample storage for cards
  • The money clip works great for those who like cash

  • It takes a while to break in the leather
  • It is one of the thicker front pocket wallets

How to Shop for a Front Pocket Wallet

A front pocket wallet is just like any other wallet in that it needs to be made well and have enough space to carry your essentials. However, how much space it needs and what exactly needs to be considered varies from person to person. Because of that, you need to consider a few things when shopping for a front pocket wallet, including:

  • Security: There is a big trend when it comes to front pocket wallets, which is that they block RFID signals. Not every wallet does this, though many on this list do. Therefore, you should consider whether RFID signal blocking is important to you before shopping for a wallet. You might narrow down your options considerably.
  • Storage: Front pocket wallets are minimalistic by nature, so the amount of storage space is smaller no matter which one you buy. However, some front pocket wallets do their best to provide room for a lot of cards, with some even reaching ten or more.
  • Size: Size and storage have a close relationship, and you need to consider that when you are shopping for a front pocket wallet. However, material and craftsmanship also play a role in size. When shopping for a front pocket wallet, think about the size you want to carry around and find something suitable.

There are plenty of things to think about when it comes to a front pocket wallet, but the most basic have already been mentioned. You might also want to consider things like the color, material, and other features, though those will likely take a backseat to the more important concerns listed above.

In Conclusion 

There are a lot of wallets out there, but few are as comfortable and convenient as a front pocket wallet. With a front pocket wallet, you do not have to worry about a bulky outline in your pants or unnecessary clutter. Therefore, if you are looking for a wallet that is easy to carry while doing everything you need it to do, grab a front pocket wallet.

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