Under Review: Redefining Online Dating through Meaningful Matching and a Focus on Mental Health

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 12, 2024

AI is helping the online dating community connect over shared interests, including Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album.

The quest for love and significant relationships can often feel like navigating a labyrinth of endless options and fleeting connections. This has caused people to feel increasingly discouraged and uneasy about using outdated online dating platforms to connect with potential suitors. And that’s not good news for the dating industry. aims to provide a modern solution with advanced artificial intelligence and behavior analysis algorithms as well as a unique automated messaging system created to spark conversations with users that are most likely to appeal to you based on user data and your search parameters for matches (including age and gender). With its AI-powered Let’s Mingle feature, available to paying members, it ensures a more intentional and personalized online dating environment for all users.

Review: An App Driven by Digital Innovation is a top dating site for global dating, connecting daters with people from 40+ countries. But what really sets it apart from the hundreds of other dating apps on the market is its advanced communication tools, especially Let’s Mingle, its innovative AI intro message system that allows individuals to simultaneously send introductory messages to multiple users.

Every 20 seconds, someone uses Let’s Mingle to send invitations to chat or join a video call. Unlike traditional dating apps that are focused on mere matching, integrates AI to make highly personalized match recommendations and to facilitate conversations and meaningful connections between like-minded people.

Singles can press the Let’s Mingle button to type and automatically send any message to multiple users, and they never know who will respond. The AI system determines who to send the message to. It may be only a few individuals or lots of them, depending on the tool’s logics and the platform’s user data.

Aside from Let’s Mingle, the platform’s innovations allow paying members to communicate with users in a number of different ways, including but not limited to video chats, live streams, short videos, stickers and virtual gifts.

AI Is Helping the Online Dating Community Connect Over Shared Interests

Recently, the team has seen a new trend emerging around the Let’s Mingle tool: the dating app’s members are connecting over Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter album. Since the record arrived in late March, the platform has seen a spike in people mentioning Beyonce in the Let’s Mingle chat feature, asking for hot takes, and sharing both enthusiasm and derision for the artist’s latest project. Many Beyonce fans in the community are now matched with others who also enjoyed Cowboy Carter.

Each month, 2.6 million daters use Let’s Mingle to skip the time-consuming swiping and get straight to chatting about their interests with people who may truly share similar hobbies, tastes in music, and other preferences. This way, they can find and focus on the genuine connections they make without sifting through dozens of unsuitable matches.

This is a more mindful and authentic approach to virtual matchmaking. With a focus on making meaningful connections rather than endless swiping through profiles, is part of a new class of real dating sites prioritizing quality over quantity.

Users Demand Platforms That Prioritize Mental Health

Social Discovery Group, the company behind and over 70 other online dating and social discovery sites and apps, conducted a survey that shed light on the evolving dynamics of digital romance. 

The company found that as users grapple with the loneliness epidemic and the complexities of modern dating, they seek solace in platforms that offer more than just superficial connections. A staggering 46% of Gen Zers utilize apps to combat loneliness, compared to just 15% of millennials and 9% of Gen X. They all yearn for strategies for healthy communication, like purposeful matching and conversations to foster meaningful relationships with matches they may or may not meet in person. In fact, 71% of singles who choose not to meet their matches in person report that virtual messaging alone has alleviated feelings of isolation. 

Unlike other services, is not just local. Individuals on the app and site are all about the global community. This makes it more of a virtual community than other sites, and it’s common for members to meet dates or friends from anywhere in the world. The platform’s emphasis on cross-cultural dating supports the growth of cultural awareness and tolerance among users, creating a more compassionate online dating community — one that’s inclusive and free of harassment.  

Final Word offers several features that prioritize mindfulness and healthier connections between users. It’s incredibly innovative, and as such, the app and platform are disrupting the traditional online dating landscape. AI-driven features and special algorithms are changing the game for anyone looking for love or companionship. Whether you’re seeking a serious relationship or just want new friends, is definitely worth checking out.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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