Curastory Is Bridging the Gap Between Brands and College Athletes

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Published on March 28, 2022

Curastory announces their NCAA Roadshow this summer, where they will be traveling to 30+ college campuses across the U.S., including Louisville and Ohio State University.

NEW YORK — Curastory, the platform disrupting influencer marketing and the creator economy, announced their first NCAA Roadshow this summer hosted across more than 30 Division 1 (D1) college campuses in the U.S. The roadshow will take place from April to August with the intention of growing the market of student athlete creators. Curastory estimates that 15,000 to 30,000 student athletes and content creators will be in attendance, since the event offers both in-person and virtual attendance options.

Backed by the main investors of Snapchat, Cameo and Giphy, Curastory is a platform-agnostic, demand side platform and ads manager designed to help brands find the ideal content creator for video ad placements done in the creator’s voice. Curastory believes student athletes are breaking the current mold of the creator economy by creating new and unique digital assets.

Curastory is the first creator economy platform to be invited by schools that can now onboard and financially compensate student athlete creators since NIL. The company is paving the way for over 450,000 college athletes and content creators to take control over their college athletic career and accompanying creative outlets.

For years, student athletes were forbidden from participating in brand deals or paid content creation opportunities during their college careers. Curastory is delivering a much-needed platform that allows brands to directly match with student athletes that are creating content related to their niche and marketing efforts.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the NCAA Roadshow, since we’ll now be able to reach athletes who previously lacked any control over their digital content careers. Today is equally revolutionary for brands that seek to partner with these athletes as the network and collaboration possibilities broaden for both parties.” – Tiffany Kelly, Founder of Curastory

Curastory‘s approval to travel to over 30 D1 schools across the U.S. is empowering student athletes to increase their earnings and tap into a new age of digital content. This roadshow will ultimately pave the way for athletes to learn how to effectively and efficiently create content that is attractive to their fans and brand partners making it easy to monetize. With this in mind, athletes will still need to be cautious of where they are accepting compensation. They are still unable to utilize platform monetization software like YouTube AdSense or the Instagram Creator Program because of specific local and university legislative laws. Fortunately, Curastory’s platform includes a non-compete feature that protects students from prohibited monetization in these laws.

“We’re excited to host the Curastory team this April as they launch their national NCAA Roadshow right here at the University of Louisville. In the first year of NIL, we have found our U of L student-athletes to be enterprising and entrepreneurial with an appetite to advance their social-media influencing game in the NIL space. Bringing in Curastory to educate and support our U of L student-athletes on how to create top-line video content for social media and learn strategies on how best to build their brand and monetize their NIL could not be more timely. We are committed to educating and positioning our student-athletes to maximize their NIL in a strategic way that also builds their NIL and career-related skill-sets for the long haul. ” – Matthew Banker Associate Athletic Director of University of Louisville Athletics.

Curastory’s NCAA Roadshow’s impact will expand beyond athletes. Sponsorship opportunities from brands looking to increase their brand engagement will also be a main focus of the NCAA Roadshow. With no other university-approved way to get in front of student athletes, Curastory is offering a unique opportunity for brands both big and small to tap this new market of content creators. By offering education for regional brands, Curastory will show brands how to best capitalize on the creator economy.

Social media management and consumer engagement is like the wild west these days, and Curastory wants to help brands better understand how to navigate this growing space. The Off-site sessions will focus on education first, and second discuss ways to engage with creators on social media. At the end of the event Curastory will host a happy hour so brand partners in the region can have an opportunity to network and have a more informal Q&A with Curastory. 

“The world of social media is really hard to navigate and oftentimes people are afraid to ask questions because they are embarrassed for whatever reason. I am so excited to be a resource for the brands in these communities. Many businesses are likely unaware of how easily they can access student-athletes with the changes to NIL, and I am coming to town to help,” said Adam Lindheim, head of Sales and Business Development for Curastory.

The NCAA Roadshow will empower student athlete creators to take the next step with their content creation and prove what the Curastory creators have always known to be true: creating or consuming one piece of content can change your life.

About Curastory:
Curastory allows anyone to shoot and edit high-quality video, monetize shows, and distribute to all of their video channels, 100% free. Follow Curastory on Instagram, LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter. 

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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