Caffelli and Intel are Bringing Social Good to Gaming with GiveFTW

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on August 30, 2021

Digital transformation has changed everything about how we do business over only a couple of decades. While the result has been added conveniences and quality of life for the average consumer, industries that have been slow to progress are at an obvious disadvantage. The nonprofit sector, due in large part to lack of organizational resources, has been slower to adopt change than for-profit counterparts, leaving social good ripe for innovation. Enter GiveFTW.

dotComm award-winning branding agency Caffelli has partnered up with Intel, Oceana, and The Trevor Project to make a difference with an inventive, tech-based take on giving with the potential to do a lot of good. 

A gamified approach to fundraising, GiveFTW (Give For The Win, for the non-gamers) allows streamers and gamers to register and generate buzz through social engagement about what they’re doing. They earn loot boxes and points, and can team up to multiply their impact and loot potential. Brands then sponsor the event by pledging, and the money is split between worthwhile charitable organizations.

“GiveFTW was built at the intersection of Caffelli’s experience in crafting impactful brands, and our years of history in the gaming space,” says Marcelo Anteparra Naujock, CEO and Executive Creative Director of Caffelli. “It combines two things we love: impactful branding, and a way to help make the world a little better, a little kinder.”

The game of GiveFTW is split into seasons, in the style of popular event-driven online games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Fall Guys, a structure that goes hand-in-hand with video game streamers. Each season will last for ten days, and each will have a different major sponsor coupled with different benefiting charities. For Season One, Caffelli is partnering with Intel as their major sponsor, and they’ve pledged to donate $100,000 through Intel Gamer Days, to be split between the two charities represented in this inaugural season.

The first of those charities is the Trevor Project. Created in 1998 by the production team behind the 1994 Academy Award-winning short film TREVOR, they are one of the foremost LGBTQ charities in the world. They focus primarily on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning people under the age of 25, the age at which suicide risk is highest for LGBTQ people.

The beneficiary of the other half of the funds raised by Season One of GiveFTW is Oceana, a major non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and the wildlife within them. An international organization with sites in nine countries, they were founded in 2001, and focus on getting specific legislation enacted around the world to prevent overfishing, pollution, and the destruction of oceanic habitats. 

Of the event, Sofi Goode from The Trevor Project said, “GiveFTW and Intel have created such a unique and exciting opportunity for gamers to make an impact, and we’re so honored to be among the inaugural recipients of this generous donation. Our research shows that LGBTQ youth find joy and strength in their lives through playing video games and finding communities online, which is a testament to the power and importance of celebrating inclusion within the gaming community. GiveFTW and Intel’s support of The Trevor Project will help us continue to expand our life-saving 24/7 crisis services to LGBTQ youth, in addition to our work to protect LGBTQ young people through research, education, and advocacy.” 

Pre-registration for Season One opened on August 16, 2021, and the season itself began on August 27, running until September 5 concurrently with Intel’s Gamer Days event. Gamers and streamers can register at

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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