Benefits of Digital HR in Professional Services

Published on June 17, 2021

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives. The most highly impacted has undoubtedly been the way we work. Companies have had to rely on technology more than ever to keep their business humming and their employees engaged. With the possibility of remote and hybrid work models continuing post-pandemic, employers and HR professionals must adapt accordingly. Digital HR service delivery offers a solution to meet elevated expectations. Also, digital HR offers solutions to keep employees engaged, maintain a brand identity, remain compliant, and deliver a tailored, high-quality experience.

High Expectations for Digital HR Service Delivery

Professional services employees have high expectations for HR service delivery. Educated and credentialed professionals like architects, engineers, attorneys, and business consultants, have invested a lot into their careers. These professionals expect the same “Gold Service” at work that they would receive in their lives as consumers, or as a guest at a Ritz Carlton. Digitizing HR service delivery can meet and exceed those expectations.

As consumers, we have gotten used to ease and convenience thanks to the endless capabilities of smartphones, but that is not always the case when we go to work. In many organizations, HR has not caught up to the Amazons and Ubers of the consumer world and employees can feel the difference.

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A Catalyst for Employee Engagement

Research suggests that engaged employees perform better and are more committed to their work. When employees spend less time on administrative work, they can spend a higher percentage of their time doing the work they love and the work they were hired to do. This is what gives them a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

The business process automation that reduces an employee’s administrative workload does the same for HR professionals, but more so. When workflows are easily automated, HR professionals can spend a higher percentage of their time on engagement-driving initiatives. Initiatives such as creating a high development culture and coaching managers on providing feedback to their direct reports.

The Importance of a Brand Image in Digital HR

In highly competitive markets, a company’s corporate brand is key to attracting and keeping top talent. A branded employee portal can reinforce the brand and culture to current employees as well as impact a candidate’s perceptions of a company. Additionally, promoting the use of HR technology may help secure a potential candidate’s interest.

Consistency Equals Compliance For Digital HR

In order to maintain HR compliance, the goal must be to ensure employers treat employees fairly, and prevent legal repercussions. The process automation that digital HR service delivery solutions provide ensures that the process is executed consistently for every employee and consistency creates fairness.

Another area of risk with respect to compliance is employee documentation. It is critical that all the right documents, as required by regional labor laws, be on file for each employee. Additionally, in professional services, credentialing documents may be an added requirement.

Digital HR service solutions also include employee document management tools. These tools assure the right documents for each employee are generated, approved, signed, validated, and stored in a secure central cloud. This significantly reduces the risk of non-compliance, allowing for more mental effort to be allocated to strategic employee engagement initiatives.

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White Glove Treatment for MVPs

The high expectations of highly-credentialed professionals are met with digital HR. Special self-service portal pages and content can be customized to appear only when that specific partner has logged into the portal. Special conveniences and services, such as direct live chat access to a senior-level HR concierge, can extend the feeling of exceptional treatment.

The Way Into the Digital HR Future

It’s no secret that the work landscape has been dramatically altered. As we settle into a new “normal”, the need for digital HR services delivery has become more pronounced and the benefits speak for themselves. The time for digitization is here and with it comes a better experience for both employers and employees.

Brian Uhelski is a contributor to Grit Daily and the Vice President of North America Sales & Alliances for Neocase Software, which provide clients with cost-saving Human Capital Management solutions.

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