Noramay Cadena is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, she is a partner and founder at MiLA Capital, a dynamic venture capital firm focused on funding hardware (tech you can touch). She spent over a decade at Boeing leading large teams working on new complex aviation/aerospace programs like high capacity GEO satellites and twin-aisle airplane programs. She was awarded the Emerging Leader Award from the Society of Women Engineers, the John Van Gels Award by Boeing. In 2014, she was named in CNET's Top 20 Latinos in Tech, in 2016 she was named in the top 10 of Women Engineers by Business Insider (beating Google, Intel, and Ford engineers for the spot) and is recognized by Women at Forbes as an industry leader. Noramay has been featured as a speaker at TechCrunch, WebSummit, TEDx, and several other events and multiple podcasts. Noramay holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an MS in Engineering Systems, and an MBA from MIT.

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