Jeremy Knauff

Jeremy Knauff is a contributor at Grit Daily and several other publications, a Marine Corps veteran, and the founder of Spartan Media, a digital marketing agency that serves the construction industry.

How Brands Are Using Tech to Thrive Through the Next Recession

There’s no denying that technology plays a critical role in running a successful business today. And not just for the kind of companies you’d typically expect. From tech giants to financial institutions all the way down to the construction industry, keeping up with new technology is no longer a luxury. Companies are relying more heavily on technology than ever before, and as we near the next economic crash, this will become even more important. This is because technology can provide powerful...

Trump’s Tweet Shows How Little People Understand About SEO

If we learned anything from Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of Congress, it’s that politicians don’t know tech. President Donald Trump is no exception… This fact was highlighted by a tweet posted by the President, and then followed by a public statement by his top economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, who said the White House is now “taking a look” at whether, and how, the government should regulate search engines like Google. Who is influencing who? While some in the government seek varying...

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