Jenni Choi

Jenni Choi is a News Columnist at Grit Daily based in Austin, Texas. Her reporting focuses on social enterprise, social impact tech, and diversity, equity, and inclusion in media & entertainment. She founded the mission-driven company Moving The Needle LLC  to help increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in media & entertainment. She previously wrote for The Baltimore Sun and The Baltimore Sun Media Group. Afterward she completed an M.S. in Social Work (concentrating on social enterprise and international social welfare) at Columbia University, fulfilled her dream of moving to the West Coast, and worked in communications and fundraising for nonprofits, before transitioning to the tech world. She helped launch the Women Techmakers membership program, part of Google's global initiative to empower women in tech and consulted for early stage startups. Jenni also enjoys serving as an advisor for the nonprofits Ensemble Mik Nawooj (EMN) and Global People's Summit.

CES 2020 Preview: This Smart Alarm Clock Helps Parents and Kids Get More Zzzs

CES 2020 exhibitor Derek Ostler hopes his product Pali™ can help parents overcome a common parenting challenge: Sleep training. At the annual Las Vegas consumer tech trade show, which takes place Tuesday January 7 and goes to Friday January 10, Ostler will demonstrate how his newest “smart sleep training clock” can help kids sleep and wake up at the right times. Grit Daily spoke with Ostler ahead of the event’s kick-off.  “This product helps kids to set a schedule and be...

CES 2020 Preview: Family Tech Summit Promises Cutting-Edge Robots and a WWE Wrestler.

The [email protected]/Family Tech Summit 2020 at CES 2020 promises a wide range of innovative family- and kid-focused tech for learning, play, safety, and security — as well as talks with thought leaders and industry experts. The Family and Kids Tech marketplace will showcase products during all four days. A one-day conference takes place on Jan. 9, and it includes the 12th annual KAPi Awards ceremony, which honors “excellence in children’s media and digital toys.” The marketplace includes...

Phishing scam targets Facebook influencers

Online scams have come a long way since “Nigerian princes” first began gracing our email inboxes. Now, phishers (those who  trick people into sharing logins and other sensitive information online) use more personalized tactics.  Case in point: A current phishing scam targets Facebook influencers — individuals with enough national or international prominence to earn blue official verification check marks on profiles and pages owned by them. These scammers target verified Facebook users...

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