Jason Field

Jason Field is a News Columnist at Grit Daily. He is the CEO of BrainStation.

Amazon’s workforce retraining means more for the future of work than you might think

Amazon recently announced that it has 30,000 open positions in the United States, the most it has ever had at one time. While that clearly illustrates the company’s continued growth, it may also be, as the New York Times described it, a sign that its “ambitions are colliding with the reality of strong labor markets.” Amazon is not blind to this reality; despite its hiring spree, they are also spending $700 million on retraining its workforce.  Why they are doing this now may be down to much...

Upskilling is the Ultimate Work Perk 

In the never-ending race to find top talent, recruiters are often faced with a hard truth: job seekers are looking for more than just the “right” job. That’s because the “right” job in today’s landscape means more than a reasonable salary and a couple of weeks of vacation. Even extra perks like free snacks, cold brew on tap, ping pong tables, and work lounges are not working to attract potential hires. What do they want, anyway? So, what is it that today’s prospective employees are looking for...

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