Alex Mashinsky, Founder of Celsius: Helping People Unbank with Crypto

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 21, 2022

Alex Mashinsky is an entrepreneur who has founded several notable technology firms in the United States. He founded Arbinet in 1996 as a commodity exchange for telecommunication companies to trade unused long-distance minutes.

Alex is one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with a foundational patent dating back to 1994 and is now working on MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol) technology. Over 35 patents have been issued to Alex, relating to exchanges, VOIP protocols, messaging, and communication.

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and founder of seven New York City-based startups, raising more than $1 billion and exiting over $3 billion. Alex founded two of New York City’s top 10 venture-backed exits since 2000: Arbinet, with a 2004 IPO that had a market capitalization of over $750 million; and Transit Wireless, valued at $1.2 billion.

Alex has received numerous awards for innovation, including being nominated twice by E&Y as ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, in 2002 & 2011; Crain’s 2010 Top Entrepreneur; the prestigious 2000 Albert Einstein Technology medal; and the Technology Foresight Award for Innovation (presented in Geneva at Telecom 99).

As one of the pioneers of web-based exchanges, Alex authored patents that cover aspects of the Smart Grid, ad exchanges, Twitter, Skype, App Store, Netflix streaming concept, and many other popular web companies. Additionally, Arbinet’s fundraising story was featured as a case study in 2001 by Harvard Business School.

On this episode of The Grit Daily Podcast, Alex came on to talk about what he sees for the future, an economy where financial freedom doesn’t come with a price tag. Where the interests of the people are put first. Where ethical behavior is the baseline, and where everyone – and he means everyone – has the opportunity to succeed financially. With a little bit of humanity, honesty, and the power of a digital currency that’s as strong as it is accessible, he’s ushering in the new economy today.

Celsius is proud to provide a platform of curated services that big banks have abandoned – things like equitable interest, zero fees, and lightning-quick transactions. His goal is to disrupt the financial industry, one happy user at a time, and introduce financial freedom through crypto.

By Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnson has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Jennifer Johnson is an Operations Specialist and Booking Producer at Grit Daily.

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