ActionCOACH Helps Business Owners Overcome 4 Common Obstacles

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 12, 2023

If you have run a business before, you know that growth can be an asset or a hindrance on any given day. One minute, your company is sailing to sunlit uplands without needing coaching. Next, everything is out of control, and you’re working an 80-hour week without realising.

Most business owners don’t find out they need coaching until too late. With little growth and no mentorship, you can flounder, barely making ends meet at the end of the year. On the other hand, failing to prepare for rapid growth can leave your clients unimpressed and your life in tatters.

ActionCOACH effectively drives business growth and proactively addresses the challenges that may arise from rapid expansion. Having a collective presence in 80 countries, the company harnesses’ test and measured’ strategies to guide businesses towards success, addressing the key challenges commonly faced in the modern business landscape.

Tackling these hurdles head-on has made ActionCOACH a consistent contender in the Elite Franchise UK Top 15. You may have yet to realise how coaching could work within your business. But ActionCOACH is taking four steps to unleash the potential of ventures globally.


Calling time on the clock

Whether you’re an experienced CEO or a budding entrepreneur behind a new business, every clock ticks the same. That means, regardless of your stage, time can significantly limit your growth.

ActionCOACH coaches recognize the adverse effects of overworking on your business and personal life. Time management forms a cornerstone of the company’s strategy for growth, identifying it as critical for a business’s success. It believes that striking the best balance between your personal and professional life is essential to achieve optimal success in both.


Prospering through people

Every business owner has claimed they can do it all at one stage in their company’s growth. But, if your client base is multiplying or you’re treading water year-on-year, you probably need a leg up. That could come as coaching, some new employees, or both.

ActionCOACH takes a two-pronged approach to the issue. Team building is traditionally about reinvigorating employees with a new sense of purpose and motivation. But what about its literal meaning, too?

Building a successful team from the ground up means letting go of the reins and delegating effectively. ActionCOACH programmes are tailor-made, meaning clients can keep control of the aspects that suit them and let go of others to accelerate growth. The intended result is a more balanced personal life, empowering business owners to reach their aspirations without sacrificing relationships.


Making room for reinvestment

Money is the inescapable elephant in the room of business growth. It’s easy to look at some spreadsheets and claim you can’t afford to reinvest. However, improving your systems’ efficacy and efficiency is essential to achieving your ambitions.

That’s where coaching steps in. ActionCOACH programs aim to find money and make more of it so businesses no longer feel like they’re taking a hit just for daring to dream.


Scaling sustainably

Sustainability is a word banded around in a wide variety of contexts. In business, it doesn’t only mean steady growth. Gaining the skills and insight for life as a business owner through coaching can help you prepare for whatever trajectory your venture might take.

Among its diverse clientele, ActionCOACH has identified a clear need in the start-up market. Coaching can greatly benefit fledgling companies, helping aspirational people manage the transition from entrepreneur to business owner and be ready to scale on the other side.

For 30 years, ActionCOACH has been a go-to name for learning how to run a business, build a team, and obtain sustainable growth. A recent satisfaction survey produced positive statistics among its client base, reinforcing the company’s 5-Star Franchisee Satisfaction status.

There’s no doubt about it: growth can manifest in many forms. If you’re adequately prepared, it can transform your life forever. But it can stunt your personal and entrepreneurial growth if you’re not. The only way to be sure is to consider coaching before it’s too late.

Reflecting on business owners’ common hurdles—overwhelming chaos or stagnation—we understand the critical need for coaching, often realized when ventures teeter on the edge of regression.

We’ve explored how ActionCOACH, a global leader in 80 countries, tackles these challenges. From time management to sustainable scaling, their ‘test and measured’ strategies offer tailored solutions.

Now, armed with insights, consider the next steps for your business. ActionCOACH invites you to take four transformative steps: manage time, build a thriving team, reinvest wisely, and scale sustainably.

Ready to unleash your business’s potential? ActionCOACH’s website offers tailored coaching programmes to guide you to success and transform your entrepreneurial journey.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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