The 8 Best 5 Gallon Gas Cans of 2022

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 4, 2021

There are many times when you need gas to power a tool or machine, and when you need it, you want to have it around. That means you require a gas can, and for many people, a 5-gallon gas can is a perfect size. However, not all gas cans are the same, so it is important to pick one that will not only store your gas but do it safely and easily.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best 5 gallon gas cans.

Our Criteria for Choosing 5 Gallon Gas Cans

While a gas can might seem like a simple purchase, there are some factors that need to be considered. After all, gas can be dangerous, so you don’t want to miss out on anything and risk something happening. Therefore, when buying a 5-gallon gas can, you need to keep certain things in mind, which include:

  • Material: When it comes to 5-gallon gas cans, the material used is important. When putting together this list, only gas cans made out of suitable, durable materials were considered, such as poly and steel. The same is true for every component involved as well, from the cans to the nozzles and handles.
  • Safety Tests: When selecting 5-gallon gas cans, particular attention was paid to whether they passed the safety standards required. It is important to ensure the gas can will remain safe to use in the long run. Therefore, only those that passed the proper tests were considered and included in this list.
  • Ease-of-Use: While it might not seem like a big deal, it is important that the gas can is easy to use and designed properly. Since difficulty pouring and moving the gas can could lead to a problem, this factor was considered. Ease-of-use includes the handle, weight, and features.

While there are a lot of gas cans out there, the 5-gallon gas cans are quite low in number. Therefore, it became even more important to pick out the best. Material, safety, and ease of use due to the design and features were all considered.

The 8 Best 5 Gallon Gas Cans

Every one of the 5-gallon gas cans in this list was chosen for a reason. Some of them are made of poly materials, being cheaper and lightweight while remaining safe and reliable. Others are made of steel, their durability ensuring utmost protection for you and the gas stored inside. Regardless of your needs, this list will have your perfect gas can.

No-Spill 1450 5-Gallon Poly Gas Can

The No-Spill 5-gallon gas can is the first on this list, holding 20 liters in a CARB compliant container. It provides much-needed durability when dealing with gas and reduces fumes to a minimum. This gas can is only made more secure because of the thumb button control nozzle, which allows precise pouring and limits spills and fumes.

The funnel spout attached is a 7/8-inch spout, so it can fill all sizes of equipment, working on even the smallest things. Additionally, it has an attached dust cover that is used to keep the spout clean, reducing the amount of debris and contaminants. It is also designed to be less likely to tip and with an auto-stop feature to prevent any overflow.


  • It is easy to control fuel flow
  • Designed to prevent overflow
  • Spout fits even the smallest equipment
  • Dust cover prevents contamination
  • It is less likely to tip over


  • Instances of gasket problems
  • Cap threading can be tricky

Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can

If you’re looking for a gas can that provides more protection, then going with galvanized steel is the way to go. This gas can made by Eagle gives you just that, providing protection and durability by using a steel can with a poly funnel. There is also a red powder coat baked over the lead-free galvanized steel.

This gas can also have a comfortable grip trigger that is used to release the seal and allow pouring. You will also notice a fixed handle and spring-closing lid, both of which help keep everything stable and secure. There is even a flame arrestor screen, making this gas can a great option for keeping things safe and secure, even if it is a bit heavier.


  • Galvanized steel shell with a baked powder coat
  • It comes with a flame arrestor screen
  • Spring-closing lid and comfort grip trigger
  • Includes an easy-to-use funnel


  • Funnel design can make refilling annoying

Justrite 5 Gallon (19L) Size

The Justrite 5-gallon gas can is another example of a reliable can constructed using stainless steel. It is highly durable and will provide superior protection, though it is even heavier than the Eagle, weighing almost nine pounds. The price is also higher, but considering the features and list of safety checks and compliances, you won’t go wrong.

One of the best features of the Justrite 5-gallon gas can is that it has a trigger designed to be used with ease and allow for precise, safe pouring. Additionally, it comes with two openings, with one working best for precision and the other designed for easy filling due to the lift lever. It even has a stainless steel flame arrestor to prevent accidents.


  • Two openings to match your needs
  • Built-in flame arrestor for flashback ignition prevention
  • Made using galvanized steel
  • Safe-Squeeze trigger handle for controlled pouring
  • Flexible nine-inch hose


  • It is very expensive
  • It lacks a stopper for the nozzle

GARAGE BOSS GB351 Briggs and Stratton Press ‘N Pour Gas Can

Returning to lightweight poly material is the GARAGE BOSS gas can, which is made out of high-quality materials and is EPA and CARB compliant. With this 5-gallon gas can, you get a great design and a slew of features, including a great seal between the nozzle and the gas can that prevents any leakage during use.

The nozzle comes with many other features as well, including a design that stops any spills from occurring. One impressive feature is the use of a button for pouring, allowing you precise control. There is even a way to change it to a fast flow for quick pouring, as well as a dust cap and integrated flame mitigation to ensure safety and convenience.


  • Integrated flame mitigation
  • Tight seal prevents leakage
  • Design prevents spills and overfill
  • Features button-press pouring


  • Can be very difficult to use
  • Refilling takes more time than other gas cans

Midwest Can (MWC5600) 5 Gallon Auto Shutoff Gasoline Can

The best place to start with the Midwest gas can is that it has passed the EPA and CARB requirements, meaning you can feel comfortable about the reliability and safety of this product. Additionally, it is made out of high-quality materials and is focused on safety and convenience, especially when it comes to the nozzle.

The nozzle is actually a problem for some people, especially because it can be difficult to work with for most people. However, the problem is a lack of instructions. In actuality, this gas can is a great product that only needs a bit of an explanation, which can be found online. Once you figure it out, you get a can with auto-shutoff and a safety nozzle.


  • Utilizes high-quality material
  • Design focuses on safety
  • Has an auto-shutoff feature
  • Built with two handles


  • Lacks necessary instructions

Wavian USA JC0020RVS Red Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

The Wavian gas can has a NATO jerry can design and is actually made using military-grade steel that has achieved EPA and CARB compliance. This 5-gallon gas can is even rust-proof. While it might be more expensive than poly cans and come in a rather unique design, it is great for mobility and storage in tight spaces.

While the Wavian gas can does not have many features, it does have a reliable bayonet-style quick-release nozzle. There is also an internal breather pipe that facilitates pouring without the risk of splashing gas everywhere. It even comes with an adapter to fit vehicles that need a smaller spout. On top of that, it’s even leak-proof.


  • High-quality materials and great design
  • Internal breather pipe
  • Leak-proof design
  • Has an adapter for the nozzle
  • Bayonet-style quick-release nozzle


  • Included nozzle is push-to-pour
  • Very expensive for a gas can


The Surecan gas can utilizes a unique system, though it starts with high-quality poly material like any good gas can. It also includes a thumb trigger, which is meant to allow vapor to be vented, releasing any built-up pressure. The pressure is released away from the two different openings, making it highly effective.

The gas can also has two openings, the first of which is rather traditional and mainly used to fill the 5-gallon gas can. The first opening is on the top, but there is also another opening at the bottom, which is actually in the form of an attached rotating spout. With the rotating, bendable spout, you can fill from the bottom and avoid spillage completely.


  • High-quality material
  • Thumb trigger to release pressure
  • Two different openings
  • Rotating spout for easy pouring


  • The rotating spout requires care
  • Easy to accidentally overfill

FUELWORX Red 5 Gallon Stackable Fast Pour Gas Can

The final 5-gallon gas can on this list is the FUELWORX gas can, which is great for a few reasons but unique due to the stackable design. Due to the way the gas cans are made, you can stack them on top of one another without a problem, which is great for saving space.

The features are also top-notch, though. In fact, you will find yourself loving the rotating spout and the fact that it is double-sealed. There is even a child safety lock. Additionally, there is a button for venting or allowing a quicker pour, meaning you can take it slow for precision or quickly fill a tank with this gas can.


  • It has a rotating spout
  • Includes a child safety lock
  • Can be stacked
  • Button for venting and quick pour
  • Has two handles


  • Lacks safety features present in other cans

Shopping for 5-Gallon Gas Cans

Shopping for a 5-gallon gas can is not a difficult task. Of course, what suits you best will largely depend on what you are using it for, but you don’t have to worry as long as you keep a few simple things in mind. Therefore, when you are shopping for a 5-gallon gas can, think about these things:

  • Purpose: Do you want something mobile and easy to take with you? Or are you needing a long-term solution that you can keep in a workshop and not have to worry about? These things will inform you of what features you need and what material suits you best. Therefore, always consider what you need it for.
  • Materials: Chances are, a simple poly material will be plenty for most people. It is much cheaper and reliable in the short term. While you might not want to keep gas in poly for extended periods, there usually won’t be a problem. However, if you feel the need to or want more physical protection, you can always go steel.
  • Spout: Consider the spout type. Not every spout and nozzle is built the same. In fact, one of the most important parts of any gas tank is the spout or nozzle. It will determine how easy it is to pour gas, whether you have to be careful of flashback ignition, and whether you can keep a solid seal and avoid dirt and leaks.

Gas tanks are simple, but the few features you need to be aware of are all important. Therefore, when shopping for a gas tank, keep the above concerns in mind. You should also consider how long you want the gas can to last and whether or not it has features you need for specific uses or equipment.

In Conclusion 

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of what types of 5-gallon gas cans are out there. Regardless of what you need, there is something to suit you on this list, and even if there isn’t, you should now know what’s important. So, go forth with confidence after seeing some of the best 5-gallon gas cans on the market.Shopping for a beard straightener comb isn’t as simple as grabbing the first one you see. You need to consider a variety of things, and you need to find one that works perfectly for you. This list should help. Using the list as a guide, you should be able to find the type of comb you need and straighten your beard in no time.

We hope you enjoy these products! But keep in mind, Grit Daily might take a small commission on the items recommended here—but that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in them. We only recommend products that we would buy or use ourselves, so don’t be wary of our suggestions. 

By Cory Maki Cory Maki has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Cory Maki is a Staff Editor and the Business Development Manager at Grit Daily. Email [email protected](dot)com for PR pitches, advertising, and sponsored post inquiries.

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