10 Top Productivity Apps for Business

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on July 13, 2023

In the quest for enhanced productivity, we asked professionals from software engineers to founders about the one app that has revolutionized their workflow. From organizing life with Obsidian to Bitrix24’s help in Communication and Planning, here are the top 10 productivity apps that have brought significant benefits to their businesses. Dive in to discover the tools that could transform your own productivity journey.

  • Organizing Life with Obsidian
  • Task Tracking and Communication with Coda
  • Virtual Engagement with Notion
  • Automating Tasks with Zapier
  • Boosting Remote Team Productivity with Time Doctor
  • Revolutionizing Project Management with Asana
  • Enhancing Workflow with Basecamp
  • Streamlining Project Management with Trello
  • Task Management and Collaboration with Todoist
  • Bitrix24 for Communication and Planning

Organizing Life with Obsidian

Obsidian is the app I use most. I use it to organize my life using the P.A.R.A. method. P.A.R.A. stands for Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives. With Obsidian, I can easily create notes without worrying too much about which folder each note lives in. And since relevant notes are linked together using hyperlinks, every note I keep on any topic is easily accessible, nothing gets lost even among several thousands of notes. This makes it easy to find the information I need, no matter where it is stored.

I also integrate Obsidian with other tools thanks to its free plugins ecosystem. This makes it a sort of “one-stop-shop” operating system for every project in my life. For example, I can use the Todoist plugin to check off my tasks in Todoist, and then have those tasks automatically sync to my Obsidian notes. This way, I can keep track of all of my notes and tasks in one place.

If you are looking for a versatile yet simple note-taking app, I can only recommend Obsidian.

Juan Castro-Varón, Software Engineer, castrovaron.com

Task Tracking and Communication with Coda

This is definitely Coda. One of the best task trackers I’ve ever worked with. And, based on my experience, this tool is extremely useful for my colleagues as well. This application has had a profoundly positive impact on our workflow and organization within the company. 

Here, managers communicate with each other, transfer tasks between teams and departments, and keep track of hours and tasks, which helps with reporting. Essentially, we have a single page that, like the branches of a tree, leads to various subpages with all the necessary information. 

We also use Coda for communication and tracking work done with remote employees, which simplifies our communication and allows us to monitor progress.

Nicolas Vincent, Business Development Manager, RetroStyle Games

Virtual Engagement with Notion

As a business that has to engage with both clients and employees virtually, Notion has been a lifesaver! Not only is the site easy enough to use that anyone can get the hang of it, but it also allows for customization. I can build a special dashboard for my employees with all the internal tools they need: team information, user guides, etc, that they can refer to and update as they work. 

At the same time, I have another dashboard for clients as well, through which they can communicate with the team, subscribe, etc. All they need is one link!

Manasvini Krishna, Founder, Boss as a Service

Automating Tasks with Zapier

As the founder of a life coaching business, I rely on Zapier to automate many manual tasks that don’t add significant value. 

Acting like a virtual assistant, it handles key tasks such as email marketing, onboarding new clients, social media posting, and gathering feedback. 

For instance, when a client signs up for our service, Zapier kicks off an automated sequence. It dispatches a welcome email, schedules the initial coaching session, and even sets up follow-up communications. This allows me to concentrate more on actual coaching and less on administrative duties, resulting in a productivity boost, higher efficiency, and an improvement in client interactions.

It’s like having an extra pair of hands but without the extra overhead.

Bayu Prihandito, Psychology Expert, Life Coach, Founder, Life Architekture

Boosting Remote Team Productivity with Time Doctor

Time Doctor has revolutionized our workflow and organizational efficiency at Authors On Mission. As a remote team, tracking and managing productivity can be challenging. Time Doctor has solved this issue, allowing us to monitor project hours, ensuring deadlines are met, and maintaining high work efficiency. 

For instance, we use distraction alerts to remind our team to stay focused. The app’s detailed reports have also facilitated transparency, fostering accountability within the team. This has led to improved performance, better time management, and ultimately, a more productive work environment.

Vikrant Shaurya, CEO, Authors On Mission

Revolutionizing Project Management with Asana

One productivity app that has significantly enhanced my workflow and organization is Asana. Asana revolutionized our project management process. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features brought remarkable benefits.

For example, when coordinating a complex marketing campaign, Asana’s task management capabilities allowed me to create timelines, assign tasks, and set dependencies. Real-time updates and notifications ensured seamless collaboration and efficient task completion.

Additionally, Asana’s reporting and analytics features provided valuable insights, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing processes. With Asana, we achieved a 25% increase in project efficiency, resulting in timely delivery and improved client satisfaction.

Asana’s robust functionalities and measurable results make it a game-changer for optimizing workflow and organization in any business.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Enhancing Workflow with Basecamp

As an owner of a dynamic digital agency, Basecamp is an instrumental productivity app enhancing our workflow and organizational structures. Its project management and team communication features have become central to our operations, driving efficiency and fostering collaboration.

For instance, when coordinating a new campaign, I create a Basecamp project detailing tasks, deadlines, and the team members involved. This gives everyone clarity on their responsibilities and the project timeline. We use the message boards for discussions, keeping the entire conversation in one place, minimizing scattered communication threads, and reducing email clutter.

The automatic check-in feature has been particularly beneficial, gently nudging team members to update their progress and fostering accountability. With Basecamp, our team operates from a place of heightened transparency and organization, leading to a smoother workflow, improved productivity, and, ultimately, more satisfied clients.

Shane McEvoy, MD, Flycast Media

Streamlining Project Management with Trello

One productivity app that has significantly enhanced my workflow and organization is Trello. I utilize this app to streamline my project management process and keep track of tasks effectively. 

For example, as a digital marketing strategist, I create separate boards for each client’s campaigns and tasks within those boards for specific projects. Trello’s intuitive interface allows me to drag and drop cards representing different tasks, assign due dates, set priorities, and collaborate with team members seamlessly. This not only ensures that everyone involved in a project stays on the same page but also helps me visualize the progress of various tasks at a glance. 

Additionally, the app provides notifications and reminders that reduce the chances of missing important deadlines or forgetting crucial details. The transparency provided by Trello has greatly improved communication within my team and increased overall efficiency in delivering successful campaigns to our clients.

Steve Dinelli, Founder, MarketerInterview.com

Task Management and Collaboration with Todoist

Todoist is a versatile task management tool that allows me to create and manage tasks, set deadlines, prioritize activities, and collaborate with team members seamlessly.

By utilizing Todoist, I can break down complex projects into smaller, actionable tasks, set reminders, and track progress effortlessly. The app’s intuitive interface and cross-platform compatibility ensure that I stay organized and focused, whether I’m working from my computer or on the go with my mobile device.

The specific benefits Todoist has brought to my work include improved task visibility, enhanced team collaboration, and increased productivity. With features like project sharing, comments, and task assignments, my team and I can effectively communicate, delegate responsibilities, and stay aligned on project milestones.

Viraj Lele, Industrial Engineer, DHL Supply Chain

Bitrix24 for Communication and Planning

There are a number of productivity applications around, but the one I find to be the most beneficial to my remote team is the Bitrix24 program. 

There are a number of useful tools on it that minimizes the use of other apps. I can create group chats for the different departments and have one-on-one chats with individual members if necessary. 

There is also a notice board that appears as a feed for all users, and here we post all announcements. The app also has task and project planner tabs that keep track of ongoing projects and a company newsletter mailbox that is accessible to all members.

Having a platform like this promotes camaraderie within the team, and provides an offline office feel despite being online and based all over the world. The app is our primary source of communication and it has proven to be a valuable asset to the team.

Amit Raj, Founder, The Links Guy

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By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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