What Drinks are Starbucks Baristas Actually Drinking!

Published on June 7, 2020

Another season has come and gone, and with the changes in weather comes another selection of seasonal drinks from Starbucks. Those drinks are good enough in their own right, but apparently, they are not enough. That is why there are a whole bunch of bloggers and social media influencers who come up with their own Starbucks drinks.

You may have heard of the “Starbucks Secret Menu” and its crazy concoctions like the Butterbeer Frappucino. While scrolling the secret menu, you may have wondered, “does anyone actually order these?” The answer is yes. Because of course they do. Do you know who does not order them? The baristas. Why? Because the secret menu is often overloaded with sugar and is always overly complicated.

You may have been in line at a Starbucks, stuck behind a mom who is reading four different secret menu Frappucino recipes off of her iPhone and wondered, “what is going on?” What I have for you today, is the adult version of that.

Read a little bit more about the Secret Menu and TikTok drinks phenomenon below, or scroll down and discover some deliciously simple recipes for what could be your new favorite Starbucks drink.

I’ll Take your Secret Menu and Raise you a TikTok

There is an entire sector of TikTok dedicated to coming up with crazy Starbucks drinks that look good through an iPhone lens and have the potential to go viral. Ask your favorite barista about their thoughts on TikTok drinks and, after the inevitable eye-roll, they will explain to you how the drinks look better than they taste; if they look good at all.

A lot of the trending drinks on TikTok are simply variations of “take two drinks and throw it in a blender.” Sometimes, they are two completely different drinks. Sometimes, it is two similar drinks, but thrown in a shaker. You never really know. All that can be certain is that the drink hits a lot of boxes on Starbucks bingo and that it is not worth the effort.

The Secret Menu and TikTok drinks are unaffiliated with Starbucks, so if you want to try one of those creations without drawing the ire of your local barista, then you need to bring the recipe with you so that you can order it step-by-step. Yes, that is an annoying process that will undoubtedly leave you feeling, just, so extra. Once you sample the concoction, you will more often than not be left disappointed.

What do the Baristas Make Themselves When You’re Not Looking?

We asked baristas what drinks they make themselves when they feel like getting creative. To the surprise of absolutely no one, the baristas gave us solid recommendations that are easy to order, simple to make and delicious. So, the next time that you want to try something different at Starbucks but you do not know where to start, consider ordering:

Grande Cold Brew with Toffee Nut+Caramel Cold Foam
starbucks baristas drinks
Photo via Starbucks.com

This is a straight forward drink that you can sip on. The cold brew has a kick to it and the toffee nut and caramel syrup in the cold foam adds some sweet nuance to a seemingly no-nonsense drink. This one is tasty, easy to order and has a kick to it.

A Make-Shift Cuban Coffee
starbucks baristas drinks
Photo via Starbucks.com

If you are familiar with a Cuban coffee, then you know it is very hard to replicate the taste of the dark espresso and caramelized sugar. Cuban coffees are a drink unto their own and have a passionate fanbase. To make the closest thing to a true Cuban coffee at Starbucks, you simply order a triple espresso over three raw sugar packets. That’s it! Enjoy.

Piña Colada Iced Latte
starbucks baristas drinks
Photo via Starbucks.com

Now this one is a little out there. After all, the point of the make-your-own Starbucks drinks is the fancy Instagram flex. Unlike most TikTok drinks, this one is easy to make and very delicious. Simply order a Coconut Iced Latte and add caramel syrup for your taste of the tropics.

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