@DannyPhantomNFT, Founder of Well Beings, Discusses the Importance of Wellness in Web3

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on September 7, 2022

Web3 has led to innovation and the onset of many exciting ideas and technologies. However, one aspect of the new iteration of the World Wide Web that often gets overlooked is wellness. Well Beings seeks to change that with an entire Web3 wellness ecosystem focused on connecting people and improving mental, physical, and spiritual health.

The founder, @DannyPhantomNFT, believes the change can be achieved by making wellness fun and interactive. To that end, Well Beings is a wellness hub that seeks to drive conversation and offer incentives that can be used to prioritize self-care and wellbeing. The following questions delve into the founder’s vision and the heart of Well Beings.

Grit Daily: Wellness and various aspects of health, especially mental health, have received more attention in recent years. Part of that stems from it becoming more accepted and talked about in daily life. How important do you think a community of people ready to help one another is for these aspects of wellness?

@DannyPhantomNFT: A community of people ready to help one another is of paramount importance. Talking with others who share similar struggles makes you feel less alone. They are there to lend an ear and want to see you overcome your obstacles. They want to see you succeed and thrive. A community also helps to keep you more accountable once you share your goals, which we aim to do in a gentle fashion.

Grit Daily: Does Web3 provide any unique challenges when it comes to preserving physical, mental, and spiritual health?

@DannyPhantomNFT: Web3 certainly provides unique challenges around wellness because it’s still very much the wild west. People are victims of their expensive digital assets being stolen on a regular basis. There are volatile market conditions that cause financial distress. The culture exists in an echo chamber which can be very demanding. If you do not show up every single day, it could likely impact your success within the space.

Grit Daily: What about benefits? Are there unique aspects of Web3 that you think can be helpful for promoting wellness?

@DannyPhantomNFT: One unique aspect of Web3 is the support for one another. Web3 is a member-driven phenomenon. Because individual members share ownership in this community and its assets, Web3 may encourage and promote community-minded behaviors and mutually supportive interactions. Web3 has given hope to many that the status quo is a thing of the past. Creators will have more direct control as to how their careers develop and how they’re rewarded for it financially. It also offers an opportunity to deepen and sustain communities whose mutual goals are socially beneficial, such as promoting positive mental health.

Grit Daily: Well Beings is a Web3 wellness ecosystem. What are all the things that a wellness ecosystem entails?

@DannyPhantomNFT: A wellness ecosystem is simply a community which promotes making healthy lifestyle decisions by providing its members with educational resources, networking opportunities, and a safe space to call home. This is where Well Beings comes in and addresses the main issue of similar ecosystems… They’re just simply not fun. That is why our Web3 wellness ecosystem will also focus on a wellness experience driven by creativity, innovation, education, and community.

Grit Daily: How does Well Beings plan to use NFTs and experiences to bridge the gap between Web2, Web3, and real life?

@DannyPhantomNFT: Bridging the gap between the worlds of Web2 and Web3 has always been a challenge. There is simply not enough education to promote the benefits of Web3, and it’s a common human reaction to just say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Having a team that is heavily involved in Web3, we understand that the space may feel inaccessible and over complicated when entering for the first time. For that reason, Well Beings plans to lower the barrier of entry for Web3 by offering wellness content that can be consumed by anyone. Holding interactive Twitter spaces where viewers can ask questions and having wellness content that doesn’t require any form of knowledge of NFTs are just a few ways Well Beings is closing that gap!

Grit Daily: Do you believe that incentivizing aspects of wellness will be able to draw in people who might not seek help otherwise?

@DannyPhantomNFT: Yes. Initially, some will come for those incentives, but as they experience greater levels of wellness within themselves, the incentives will pale in comparison to the gift of wellness they are feeling. A more positive outlook on life and being more confident when facing life’s obstacles will be the gifts they give themselves; incentives will only serve as an initial catalyst for change in our community.

Grit Daily: How will incentives be used to further promote self-care and wellbeing? Will people be capable of using the incentives outside of self-care and wellbeing?

@DannyPhantomNFT: One of the special things about Well Beings is the diversity of the team. We have all struggled with wellness in one way or another, and we know how difficult it can be to achieve the most simple wellness goals. These direct life experiences allow us to build products and services that would have greatly benefited us if they existed. It also helps us understand that each community member is motivated in different ways. One of our core values is accessibility. We plan on providing access to not just wellness-related rewards but experiences that bring happiness to others, such as music events, fashion, and so much more. Without saying too much, we plan on uplifting and incentivizing those within our community to meet their wellness goals by creating an experience specific to the individual.

Grit Daily: Is there any part of Well Beings or the wellness ecosystem it is looking to create that you think deserves special mention?
@DannyPhantomNFT: Keep an eye out for the storytelling aspect of Well Beings. We plan to captivate the community through the distribution of easily consumable and exciting content. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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