Walker & Dunlop Buys TapCap – Plans More Tech Acquisitions

By Nicholas Say Nicholas Say has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 26, 2021

Walker & Dunlop (W&D), a commercial real estate firm, has acquired TapCap, a technology start-up as the latest company in the middle of an 18 month long buying spree.

The amount that TapCap was sold for hasn’t been released. W&D see integrating new tech as a priority for the firm, and are choosing to develop via an ongoing campaign of acquisitions.

TapCap was developed to streamline the mortgage application and origination process by delivering proprietary real-time estimates for the value of multi-family loans.

With this information, W&D hopes to create a more efficient internal process for its company, and develop a more attractive platform for retail clients.

W&D is looking for ways to make its real estate financing activities faster, and automate any traditional real estate activities whenever possible. TapCap’s technology is expected to make retail level loan origination faster, and more transparent to the borrower.

Alison Williams, W&D’s small balance lending chief production officer commented on the acquisition of TapCap,

“We’ve been investing heavily this year in loan origination talent to scale our small loan originations to $5 billion by 2025…But, penetrating the small balance lending market requires cutting-edge technology to reduce costs, while providing an exceptional customer experience. Adding TapCap’s technology will make our lending processes more transparent, efficient, and scalable — and accelerate our growth towards $5 billion.”

W&D is making these acquisitions as a part of its five year growth strategy. The company may pursue more acquisitions over the coming months, but is also open to partnering with firms that can help it grow, as it did with GeoPhy in 2019.

Just two years old, W&D is the brainchild of CEO Zac Rosenberg, who broke away from his family’s company, Greystone, to found W&D. He previously developed Greystone labs, the firm’s internal tech innovation division.

Previous acquisitions in this drive to expand include AKS Capital Partners, and Zelman & Associates, which was acquired last month.

By Nicholas Say Nicholas Say has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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