Top 25 Fintechs to Watch in 2023

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 14, 2023

These 25 top fintechs will continue to outperform in 2023 and are often at the forefront of the most pivotal areas of commerce, including payment automation, decentralization, AI, and risk management.

We’ve ranked the names that are outperforming in those verticals and more as we track the top fintech companies to watch this year that are on the radar of industry leaders, investors, and customers.

1. Paymerang

With more consumers demanding automated processes to simplify their finances, Paymerang has come through by delivering impressive automated tools for invoicing, payments, and receivables with the help of artificial intelligence.

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2. Cash App

People on the go often seek mobile-friendly solutions to handle their payments. Cash App provides a seamless, mobile solution for creating direct deposits, fulfilling transactions, or buying Bitcoin. 

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3. Mayfair

A brand-new startup showing up in 2023, Mayfair provides automation tools and cash services to companies seeking to earn greater yields. Mayfair has also partnered with Stripe to offer financial accounts to its customers.

4. T-REX

Unlike the dinosaur, the fintech T-REX is nowhere near extinction. Investors seeking cash flow analytics tools and data management technology come to T-REX for its impressive set of relevant features.

5. Pinwheel 

Financial establishments rely on services and applications from Pinwheel to improve their customer experience. The income and employment data provided by Pinwheel allows users to better manage their taxes and predict future earnings. 

6. Tegus

Investors looking for market intelligence solutions seek out the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform from Tegus. Here, you’ll obtain expert call transcripts and streamlined data management.  

7. Valon

Picking the right loan, refinancing one, and handling your mortgage payments are never easy tasks. Valon, however, makes them much simpler by offering instant payments for homeowners along with escrow updates.

8. Visible Alpha

Wall Street players can access the beneficial analytics and data of the Visible Alpha platform to improve their investment research. Visible Alpha also helps investors predict their financial future. 

9. Teampay

Founded in 2016, Teampay ensures your accounting team manages all of your business’s finances effectively. You can achieve success via Teampay’s automated workflows and task management solutions associated with purchases, tracking receipts, and invoicing.

10. OTR Solutions

Even trucking businesses stand to benefit from fintech applications. OTR Solutions provides a cloud-based platform to help trucking companies embrace streamlined financial and business management solutions. 

11. Apex Fintech Solutions

Founded over a decade ago, Apex Fintech Solutions allows users to store their investment assets and complete transactions. The system is meant for managing taxes as well as cryptocurrencies.

12. Geode Capital Management

Those looking to dip their toes into investing can benefit from Geode Capital Management’s services in equity indexes, risk-based solutions, and commodities. 

13. Levelset

Handymen and others working in the construction industry should take advantage of Levelset tools, which include job information, access to a company’s payment history, and lien waiver options.

14. OpenFin

Financial establishments can easily see the advantages of the OpenFin platform, as it is able to integrate with workflows to improve productivity and communication. Workers can also collaborate more easily and organize tasks.

15. Millennium Trust Company

Retirement is on everyone’s mind at some point in our lives. With the Millenium Trust Company, workers can make use of digital solutions to handle their retirement investments. 

16. NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader provides useful data to traders in charge of major financial markets. A few of their services include market analysis, trade simulations, and tailor-made add-ons.

17. Check

Finance teams and human resource departments use Check to integrate their payroll directly from within their time-tracking software. Check also serves as a platform for employee benefits.

18. BlackLine

The BlackLine accounting platform enables customers to automate tasks and manage their financial data digitally. In addition, it offers a system for creating financial reports.

19. Flex 

Today’s consumers seek more mobile solutions than ever before, and Flex capitalizes on that demand with its mobile application, which can be used to pay rent. 

20. Pennymac 

Pennymac helps new and future homeowners gain access to home value estimators, mortgage calculators, and mortgage interest rate descriptions via its mobile solutions. 

21. Unanet

Handling complex projects can cause anyone to get a headache, but the Unanet project management platform allows you to automate those repetitive work processes and track payments. 

22. Array

Array offers consumers a seamless way to shop and securely manage their money through its platform. 

23. Riskified

Using AI, Riskified enables e-commerce businesses to define fraudulent scammers from legitimate shoppers. The system also protects e-commerce customers and improves the customer experience.

24. PitchBook

Investors and financial advisors can benefit from the PitchBook fundraising data and financial market intelligence solutions. 

25. Verifi

Verifi wraps up our list of the top 25 fintech companies to watch in 2023. Businesses in any industry can use Verifi’s solutions to ensure their payment processes are secure.

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By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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