Top 10 Business Coaches That Will Bring Your Business To The Next Level Of Success In 2023

By Sabrina Stocker Sabrina Stocker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on December 16, 2022

Every visionary business owner knows the importance of planning ahead and aligning their business strategies with their company goals. A business coach who has already been there, and done that, can help lay out the pathway and is often a fast track to financial success.

Coaches are individuals who provide support, guidance through proven methods, and advice to their clients who are committed to their entrepreneurial mission and need a mentor. They help their clients reach their potential by providing them with feedback, motivation, and direction during their journey toward success.

As your business grows, managing every decision and strategy creation on your own can become more difficult. At this point, it is even more important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who go through the same journey and reach out for qualified advice.

No matter if you are a business owner or a private individual that is looking to reach the next level of life, one of the listed experienced thought leaders will be your ideal solution. These thought leaders are the ones that have proven their credibility over time. They have helped thousands of people to take action and achieve their desired outcome.

1. Brett Baughman

Brett Baughman is a Life and Business Coach who helps high-performing executives and entrepreneurs achieve the next and deeper level of success. His philosophy makes him unique and goes far beyond only financial goals.

He helps his clients to discover their underlying passions- the unconscious drivers that inspire them to be their best, while creating a lifestyle that is balanced and fulfilling. Most people either feel a sense of being lost, stuck or depressed and anxious. If you uncover your true passion, you gain clarity on what’s most important to you in your life. It gives you a compass you can use to reach new levels of success, where you can make dramatic positive impact on your life and the world around you.

Clients can go as deep as needed with Brett. And for those who are more than ready to finally take action, he has an Action Mastery retreat series planned for 2023 that you shouldn’t miss out on. And for everybody who is ready to make a change in their life immediately, they can benefit from the launch of his coaching app.

2. Lyndsay Dowd

Lyndsay is a Speaker and Coach to Leaders and Executive Leadership Teams. Her focus is on building high-performing teams without compromising a healthy company culture, especially recent worldwide events have caused massive company cultural changes. The average CEO or manager was not prepared for that. This is where Lyndsay Dowd and her company, Heartbeat for Hire, come in.

The biggest enemies of a healthy company culture are intimidation, belittling, and creating a fearful environment. Lyndsay knows that ‘The Great Resignation’ has revealed that many employees left their companies deliberately because they realized they deserved better. Companies that are unwilling to change and adapt will lose out on a lot of potentials.

Lyndsay and her team have already spoken to 300 leaders about building trust, communication styles, language choice, and building a culture of advocacy. Her Heartbeat for Hire podcast has already featured Olympians, CEOs, Political Operatives, Social Media Influencers, World Champion Triathletes, Authors, and so many more, sharing their views on culture, leadership, and resilience.

3. Steven Feinberg, PhD

Brains, games, and foes—whatever the adversity before you, Steven Feinberg, Ph.D. helps you Do What Others Say Can’t Be Done (his new book). The inability to adapt to uncertainty is the real enemy of progress. Performance suffers, relationships are stressed, and outcomes are diminished.

Dr. Feinberg’s Neurostrategy expertise helps companies and leaders as prestigious as Google outplay their opponents and accelerate collaboration with colleagues. That work contributed to over $250m in economic gain, and 90% of leaders became more influential, impactful, and achieved promotions.

As an insider, Steven has uncovered how ‘First Adapters’ outthink the obstacles that most of us stumble on. He’s always looking to answer the question, ‘On your gameboard, what are the winning options others don’t see?’ His leadership coaching teaches you how to play the ‘Meta-Game,’ be more influential and have transformational conversations.  Steven believes true Influence is not about pushing harder, but unlocking the hidden game of patterns.

4. Simon Alexander Ong

Simon Alexander Ong’s mission is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves. While large organizations book him to deliver stimulating speeches, his audiences define him by one word: energy. In fact, ‘Energize’ is the title of his first book, published by Penguin Random House in 2022, which saw endorsements from the likes of New York Times bestselling authors Simon Sinek, Marie Forleo, and Marshall Goldsmith.

It all began when he was an employee with a simple dream to impact the lives of others positively. Now he’s an award-winning coach, keynote speaker, and best-selling author sharing a message that self-investment is the best investment. It’s a sentiment matched by corporations, publications, and entrepreneurs alike.

Simon qualifies as a top coach because he has assisted some of the biggest companies in the world: Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce—they’re all there. But, for him, helping people is all that matters.

5. Elaine Lou

Elaine Lou Cartas’ is a business and career for women of color and allies, helping high achievers to align their business and personal goals.

The biggest obstacles between women of color and their ambition are often external rather than internal. Using her journey and knowledge in trauma, Elaine unlocks achievements that her clients may not have previously thought possible. Hers include bringing over 500 clients in 24 countries to better financial security.

Her Color Your Dreams Approach® is a process of four substantial pillars to help her clients achieve their aligned legacy. The first is about identifying their personal goals and legacy. The second is about how to consciously find your chosen family and support system. The third is about accountability to achieve alignment through 1:1 or group coaching. The final pillar, ‘measure to manifest’, focuses on a measurable roadmap to building the legacy of your dreams.

6. Ernest Varitimos

To high-level operators in competitive industries, having the right advisor and coach can make or break their performance. That’s why smart managers in finance and technology have been seeking Ernest’s advice for the last 30 years.

Ernest (or Ernie for short), started four decades ago as a research scientist developing guidance systems for ICBMs for a fortune 50 company – in other words, he was a rocket scientist. After gathering experience that’s worth its weight in gold, he became chief architect for Sun Professional Services, an industry giant in the Dot Com era.

Today, Ernie is a zen Buddhist family man living in a wildlife sanctuary. He helps the most influential executives, managers, and traders around the globe achieve high performance in their trading. He does that by personally dedicating time to each of his clients, laser-pointing their problems, and using logic-based approaches to lead them toward a better life.

7. Rasheida Smith

The many awards Rasheida Smith and her company Dunton Consulting have received almost tell the whole story. She is a Rising Star in New York Politics and a Top 75 Political Consultant, while her team has made Power 100 lists more than once. Sounds ideal for any would-be campaigner.

Except Rasheida’s real influence isn’t shown by outside recognition. It’s the fact that she built her company from the ground up and then knocked on over 600,000 doors in just one campaign. Her lasting impact comes from the newly enfranchised communities she creates through powerful messaging and career opportunities.

Whatever your campaign needs, Dunton Consulting can probably do it. The team will acquire data on your target audience before acting on it. Whether that’s a phone call, text message, or a good old-fashioned knock on the door, you can guarantee Rasheida has done it before.

 8. Sheri Conklin

Sheri Conklin

Sheri Conklin is a Certified Financial Planner™ who recognizes the impact of finance on our well-being and vice versa. Conklin Financial Planning blends life and energy coaching with financial success for women.

Most of the time, what holds someone back from achieving financial freedom, is a lack of clarity and energy blocks. The deep fear of failure when making investment decisions, rebuilding their life after divorce, and long-term planning for retirement.

Sheri teaches her clients how to reach their biggest economic heights, which leads to a deeper level of living their life to the fullest.
Her approach goes even beyond individual coaching support and providing the necessary financial education. One substantial reason that makes Sheri unique is the coaching beyond the numbers: meditation, energy work, breath work, and mindset.

One step at a time, she provides everything a woman needs to achieve a fulfilled life and long-term financial success by releasing any kind of blocks holding her back.

9. Scott Henke

If you’ve not needed help with your computer at least once, you can’t be human. Scott Henke is here for us humans, notably around Colorado, where Onsite Consulting won Business of the Year in 2008. His industry-leading clientele of over 100 people daily has enabled expansions beyond state lines into Virginia and Florida.

Word of Scott’s elite customer service has spread across communities and generations. His keys are fixing the problem quickly, staying in contact with customers, and having experience serving the public. Scott was a public school teacher for ten years while leading community school classes and working as a solopreneur. To keep the tradition going, his team teaches seniors online for free.

Since 1982, Scott’s reach has stretched from radio and local news to Haiti and the Congo. One day, he aspires to launch an Uber-like tech support service that technicians across the US can sign up to.

10. Terri Loftus

Terri Loftus

Consumers are becoming more eco-conscious, which means businesses must be too. Fortunately, Terri Loftus offers a solution that makes your bottom line and carbon footprint healthier- With Project solar energy, she helps entrepreneurs to start their own solar businesses. Entrepreneurs can stay geared towards their passion while benefiting from Terri’s easy steps to take advantage of renewable energy.

On the sales side, Terri considers herself a master of high-ticket closing, meaning her clients can be sure of the upside of solar energy. Business leaders don’t have to worry about the practicalities, either. Her company, Project Solar Energy, provides an automated CRM, consumer financing, and a proposal tool. That means a lower barrier to entry for environmentally-friendly entrepreneurs.

Home improvement businesses are ideally placed on incorporating solar power. Yet, many in the industry feel it is beyond their expertise. Terri is bringing real change by encouraging more solopreneurs and business people to sell solar.

No matter if you are a business owner or a private individual that is looking to reach the next level of life, one of the listed experienced thought leaders will be your ideal solution. These thought leaders are the ones that have proven their credibility over time. They have helped thousands of people, just like you, to take action and achieve the desired outcome.

Make sure to find out more about each of these innovative business coaches as they continue to thrive and grow in 2023. 

By Sabrina Stocker Sabrina Stocker has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Sabrina Stocker is a Features Columnist at Grit Daily. Based in Los Angeles, she is originally from the UK and has a storied career in the events and awards business.

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