These Are the Best Smart Water Bottles Available​ Online

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Published on April 7, 2023

Plastic water bottles can create a lot of unneeded and dangerous waste for the planet. It’s part of why smart water bottles are, well, smart. They live up to their title. Amazon is keeping the deals coming all throughout the holiday season. We’ve been recommending products at Grit Daily, and today, we’re recommending some cheap smart water bottle options on Amazon. 

Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Who hasn’t ever wanted to own a water bottle that glows? Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen. Jokes aside, Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle is a good bottle to have if you don’t drink enough water during the day or, somehow, simply forget. It can track intake and sync your progress to its free tracker app, allowing it to remind you to drink more.

ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle

Most of these smart water bottles perform the same basic functions, but the ICEWATER 3-in-1 Smart Water Bottle has lights that dance. Dancing light. Worth every penny. It might be a good smart water bottle for kids just because it has that one funny little perk. The light will dance to the music. Music on the go with a water bottle is perfect for music fans.

Elvira 32oz Large Water Bottle

This bottle comes a little cheaper. It’s simpler. There are fewer bells and whistles, but it’s a perfect bottle for the gym, yoga, or other physical activities. The bottle is scribbled with simple inspirational messages and good reminders to keep running, lifting, or pushing yourself. We could all use those little reminders throughout the day to keep ourselves and our immune systems healthy. All the bottles come in light, pleasant colors.

LARQ Bottle – Self-Cleaning and Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The LARQ Bottle is a self-cleaning and insulated stainless steel water bottle that uses non-toxic, mercury-free UV-C LED technology to sanitize water and its interior surfaces. With just a button’s press, it provides clean water in 60 seconds and self-cleans every 2 hours. The double-wall vacuum-insulated bottle keeps your beverages hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. It’s BPA-free, chemical-free, splash-proof, and charges last up to a month.

PHILIPS Water GoZero UV Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle

The PHILIPS Water GoZero UV Self-Cleaning Smart Water Bottle features UV-C LED technology for disinfecting the bottle and removing odor. With just a cap tap, it purifies your water and activates every 2 hours automatically. It’s rechargeable, with up to 30 days of cleaning power, and keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The bottle is BPA-free and promotes environmental health by reducing disposable bottle use.

Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle with Straw

Brita’s Insulated Filtered Water Bottle with Straw is a stainless steel bottle that filters as you drink, removing chlorine and other contaminants for great-tasting water. It keeps water cold for 24 hours, and by switching to Brita, you can help reduce plastic waste significantly. This 20oz Brita bottle is leak-proof and cup holder-friendly, and its filter should be replaced approximately every two months for the freshest-tasting water.

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By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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