The Top 10 Real Estate Agents in Oregon for 2024

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 28, 2024

In the ever-evolving real estate market of Oregon, finding the right agent can make all the difference in securing your dream home or selling your property at the best possible price. As the demand for houses in cities like Portland, Bend, and Eugene continues to rise, the need for experienced and reliable real estate professionals is more crucial than ever. This article aims to spotlight the top 10 real estate agents in Oregon, providing an indispensable guide for buyers and sellers alike.

Navigating the complexities of the Oregon real estate market requires a skilled professional who understands local trends and has a proven track record of success. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to sell your property, the right agent can streamline the process, negotiate the best deals, and address any challenges. From innovative marketing strategies to personalized customer care, these agents embody the best of Oregon’s real estate industry.

As the search for the perfect home or buyer becomes increasingly competitive, partnering with one of Oregon’s top real estate agents can provide a significant advantage. Whether the bustling streets of Portland, the Oregon Coast’s scenic beauty, or the Willamette Valley’s vibrant communities catch your eye, these real estate professionals can guide you through every step of your real estate journey. Stay tuned as we unveil the top 10 real estate agents in Oregon—your key to unlocking the door to your real estate dreams.


1. Annika Laing

Annika Laing

Annika Laing, the CEO/Founder and Principal Broker of Laing Luxury Realty brokered by Harnish Company Realtors, stands as a prominent figure in the Oregon real estate scene. Her reputation is built on a foundation of extensive market knowledge and unwavering client devotion, evident in the positive referrals that underscore her real estate success. With over a decade of industry experience, Annika brings a wealth of expertise derived from her background in both the private and corporate sectors.

What distinguishes Annika is her steadfast commitment to forging strong, personalized relationships and tapping into her vast network of connections. This, coupled with her active involvement in the community, uniquely positions her to cater to the needs of both local and out-of-state clients. Annika’s intimate familiarity with the Oregon region fuels her passion for transforming houses into homes for her clients.

Adding to her prestigious reputation, Annika, the Principal Broker, took center stage on The American Dream TV as a recognized expert Realtor in Lake Oswego. Recognized as the ‘home matchmaker’ and ‘people connector,’ Annika’s expansive network extends beyond Oregon, providing crucial exposure for luxury listings.

In her continuous pursuit of industry disruption, Annika harnesses cutting-edge technology and deploys innovative marketing strategies. Her exceptional customer service, coupled with robust community ties, positions her as a dynamic force in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

2. Tammie Crane

Tammie Crane

Tammie Crane, the Principal Broker at Homes By Crane in Oregon, has demonstrated immeasurable real estate expertise throughout her remarkable 28-year career and beyond.

A Certified Negotiation Expert and Senior Real Estate Specialist, Tammie is renowned for her exceptional client service, marked by patience, empathy, and powerful negotiation skills. Her unique approach is rooted in a deep understanding of her clients’ emotional needs during the strenuous process of real estate transactions, a skill she realized through an in-depth analysis over 25 years ago.

Tammie’s business model, primarily referral-based, caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from first-time homebuyers to veterans in the luxury market. This diversity reflects clients’ trust and confidence in her comprehensive industry knowledge. Alongside her husband, Mike, they form a formidable team, combining their strengths to serve buyers and sellers at the highest level.

A 14-time recipient of the prestigious Five Star Award for client satisfaction, Tammie’s recent success includes listing a home in Clackamas, Oregon, which attracted over 10 showings and six offers within six days. Her long-term commitment to clients, having served multi-generational families over the years, makes her an exceptional choice for those selling and buying Portland, Oregon area real estate.


3. Adriana Focke

Adriana Focke

Adriana Focke, the Owner and Managing Broker at Check Point Realty in Oregon, stands out with her 11 years of experience in real estate. With expertise spanning a range of services, including buyer and seller representation, consulting, property management, and more, Adriana is committed to offering top-quality service to her clients.

Sellers can expect comprehensive support, including free home valuation, staging advice, professional photography, and proactive online marketing, focusing on strategic outreach to local communities. Meanwhile, buyers receive a pressure-free experience, with benefits like instant alerts on new listings and guidance for smooth, out-of-state transactions.

Adriana’s dedication to her clients continues after the sale; she offers ongoing support and advice, ensuring they make informed decisions in a fluctuating market. Her client-focused approach aims to understand their unique needs for a productive partnership. Moreover, her extensive network lets her connect clients with top industry professionals.

Covering Portland Metro, Willamette Valley, and the Oregon Coast, Adriana Focke’s market knowledge and commitment to excellence make her a distinguished choice for anyone navigating the real estate market.


4. Don Johnson PC

Don Johnson

Don Johnson PC, a Realtor and Principal Broker at Premiere Property Group, LLC in Oregon, exemplifies the immeasurable value of resilience, expertise, and exceptional client service in the real estate industry.

With 34 years of diverse experience encompassing residential, commercial, land development, and new construction, Don has navigated personal and economic adversities to emerge as a leader in his field. His journey from a successful chef to a real estate mogul, enduring the 2008 recession’s trials and overcoming a life-threatening heart attack, underscores his unwavering determination and passion for real estate.

Don’s unique approach, including innovative initiatives like the Satisfied Buyer Program and Listing Cancellation Guarantee, sets him apart in a competitive market. These client-centered offerings instill confidence, further solidified by exceptional achievements such as co-authoring ‘You Can Build It,’ mentoring new agents, and receiving numerous accolades, including a lifetime achievement award and induction into the Real Estate Hall of Fame.

Premiere Property Group, LLC focuses on making buying or selling property seamless and stress-free. Don’s leadership and his team’s dedication to excellence have made them a go-to in the Oregon real estate sector, promising high-quality service and client satisfaction.


5. Gary Trenner II

Gary Trenner II

Gary Trenner II, a distinguished Real Estate Broker at Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty on the Souther Oregon Coast, stands out for his unique expertise and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Since 1994, Gary has mastered real estate renovation, development, and vacation rentals with an authentic passion.

His approach as a Realtor is client driven, focusing on serving people’s best interests to complete satisfaction. He excels in providing up-to-date market trends and property values, ensuring clients thoroughly understand what they can achieve in the current market. His commitment extends beyond the sale—the process is always transparent and seamless from the start to past closing.

Unique in his field, Gary offers a broad range of real estate services relating to ranches, farms, beachfront properties, luxury homes, commercial properties, and more. His diverse contractor, developer, and real estate investor background adds to his practicable insight. Moreover, he’s been a youth soccer coach since 2012, demonstrating his community involvement and positive contributions.

Accolades like generating $19.6m in sales in 2023 with 28 transactions and receiving the CENTURION® Producer award in 2021 testify to Gary’s consistent excellence. His client-oriented ethos, evident in glowing reviews, underscores why he is a top choice for anyone seeking real estate services in Oregon.


6. Trisha Highland

Trisha Highland, a dynamic Realtor at John L Scott in Oregon, stands out in real estate for her unique blend of financial planning expertise and passion for design. At times creating homes rather than finding houses, Trisha collaborates with local award-winning designers and contractors to offer clients a complete package, ideal for those relocating to Oregon.

Trisha’s analytical skills and strategic insight, gained from her experience as an operations manager at a prominent mortgage firm, are top-notch. She offers a personalized approach, focusing on understanding her clients’ aspirations and providing insightful market analysis. This method allows clients to make investments that align with their long-term goals.

Fuelled by a passion for wealth-building, Trisha educates clients on investment strategies with minimal upfront costs, aiming for substantial financial gains. This expertise has earned her multiple top-producing awards from her first year in the field.

Trisha leads the industry, finding opportunities and advantages regardless of market conditions. She is also pioneering a group to share knowledge on real estate investment, bringing together experts and enthusiasts. Trisha Highland is not just selling properties; she’s crafting financial futures through her innovative and client-focused approach to real estate.


7. Robert Delavan

Robert Delavan, founder of Delavan Realty, offers a cross-disciplinary approach to real estate transactions. Taking a holistic view, Rob helps people do more than buy and sell property: he helps them build wealth. Rob’s unique vision and methods stand out, providing tremendous, lasting value to clients. Here’s how:

At the core of Rob’s philosophy is the fact that real estate transactions don’t exist in isolation from the rest of a client’s financial picture, and life. To help people understand the broader impacts of real estate decisions, Rob integrates real estate with services such as tax and financial planning, as needed. Rob’s clients have easy access to a cross-disciplinary team of professionals, able to create a coordinated plan for success.

While it’s rare for a top agent to offer wrap-around services, Rob has long worked across disciplines. Besides leading Delavan Realty, Rob leads Delavan PDX Property Management, Delavan Contracting Services, and is a partner in ROI Tax and Financial. Rob plays to win on multiple levels. 

As 2023 President of Master’s Circle at the Portland Metro Association of Realtors and current role serving on the Oregon Real Estate Association Board of Directors, Robert’s credibility is unquestionable. He’s a demonstrated top performer trusted by his peers and hundreds of satisfied clients. 


8. Jason Elstrott

Jason Elstrott

Jason Elstrott, a seasoned Realtor at Weichert Realtors on Main St. and a Principal Broker in Oregon, boasts an impressive real estate journey that began in 2002. 

An LSU graduate, Jason transitioned to a flourishing career in real estate, initially in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His expertise rapidly expanded to foreclosures, helping numerous buyers create equity through distressed properties. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a company, delve into home renovations, and immerse himself in the vibrant Costa Rican real estate market.

Since settling in Oregon in 2008, Jason has navigated challenging market conditions, gaining valuable insight into related fields. He has embraced the state’s diverse economy and stunning landscapes, even remodeling a home on his family’s tree farm.

Jason approaches real estate as a consultant rather than a traditional salesperson, offering high-quality customer service. His hands-on experience in property remodeling, managing contractors, and overseeing construction projects, combined with his responsiveness and direct involvement in negotiations, distinguishes him in the industry.

With accolades including the 2022 and 2021 President’s Club Gold Awards, Jason’s comprehensive background has proved its worth in real estate. His experience enriches real estate transactions, making him a uniquely equipped and credible professional.


9. Tammy DeLeon

Tammy DeLeon

Tammy DeLeon stands out in the Oregon real estate landscape as a multifaceted professional with a one-of-a-kind journey. Her career began with a home remodel, leading to the creation of a construction company and eventually to her current roles as a Realtor and Real Estate Appraiser at HomeSmart Realty Group and DeLeon Appraisal Services LLC. 

With a residence of over 30 years in the scenic Willamette Valley, Tammy has developed a deep connection with the region, particularly Corvallis and Independence, where she resides with her retired husband, a veteran. Her diverse background in custom home construction, real estate, and appraisal, spanning 25 years, equips her with comprehensive knowledge and insight. Clients navigate the buying or selling process with ease and confidence due to her invaluable expertise, clear communication, and robust support.

HomeSmart’s recent recognition as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the Inc. 5000 list for the eleventh consecutive year is a testament to the innovative and dynamic environment in which Tammy thrives. Her diversified skill set in the housing industry offers a breadth and depth of understanding unmatched by many peers.


10. Etni Ruiz

Etni Ruiz

Etni Ruiz, a dynamic Realtor at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Professionals in Oregon, redefines modern real estate with her innovative approach and deep understanding of the current market.

As a licensed agent in more than one state, Etni specializes in assisting clients with their first home purchases and kickstarting their journey in real estate investment. Her enthusiasm for real estate shines through in every transaction, making her a favored choice among buyers, investors, and other industry professionals.

What sets Etni apart in a competitive landscape is her fresh perspective. Unlike more seasoned agents who might rely on past market trends for their advice, Etni focuses her expertise on the present market. This contemporary insight allows her to consistently secure deals and expand her client base, even in challenging market conditions.

Etni is currently gearing up for exciting collaborations with investors and builders, promising to bring fresh and lucrative opportunities to her clients. She ensures efficient, fair, and satisfactory transactions for all parties involved, making the home-buying process a seamless experience. With a passion for first-time homebuyers and beginner investors, Etni Ruiz aims to provide more than just transactional support by guiding clients through complex and ambitious projects.


Whether you’re embarking on the journey to find your dream home or aiming to sell your property at the best possible price, Oregon’s top real estate agents are your guiding stars. With their expertise, dedication, and market insights, they can help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of Oregon’s real estate. Remember, your key to success lies in partnering with these professionals. From the bustling streets of Portland to the scenic beauty of the Oregon Coast, these agents are here to open doors and turn your real estate dreams into reality. So go ahead—reach out to one of them and take that exciting step toward your next chapter! Happy house hunting!


By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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