The Remarkable Rise of ‘The Waterfront Agent’ Michael Travis

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 14, 2024

When there’s a memorable nickname, there’s usually an undeniably fascinating origin story. In a field like real estate, plenty of professionals spend their lives ascending through the ranks to earn their reputation. However, one Realtor® found an unconventional, star-studded route to become the best real estate agent in New Hampshire in his niche.

Michael Travis is ‘The Waterfront Agent’ by no accident. From a blend of innovative branding and prolific client success, he has become the go-to partner for buyers, sellers, and anyone who shares his love for waterfront properties.

“They say ‘if you are lucky enough to live on a lake, then you are lucky enough,’” Michael, the Founder of Waterfront Agent, exclaims. “I am very lucky—I have lived on or near water my entire life, from the shores of Lake Michigan and Manhattan Island to the waterfront of Boston and lake homes in New Hampshire. I understand the emotion attached to waterfront properties.”

Despite his water-tight passion, Michael Travis didn’t live and breathe his niche professionally until later in his career. How he became The Waterfront Agent and the steadfast dedication that keeps him that title is a one-of-a-kind journey through time. Here’s the truth behind a leading New Hampshire real estate advisor’s aquatic odyssey:

Creative credentials

Selling a few properties in your neighborhood doesn’t guarantee a ubiquitous reputation. The most ambitious individuals think outside the box from the get-go, infusing their activities with inspiration from their life experiences. And Michael Travis has no shortage of those.

“Prior to real estate, I was an Art Director/Creative Director in advertising in New York City and Boston for over 30 years, primarily with advertising legend Jerry Della Femina,” he reveals. “I worked on over 475 accounts with many music, fashion, and business moguls, including one four-star General and three US Presidents. I was also one of the first to use a Mac and digital photography in the business.”

Cutting-edge developments in the creative sector became great leaps forward in real estate as Michael applied his artistic talents to selling properties. This has extended to a very successful commercial real estate and high-end rental sector as well. He creates his own marketing using his design, writing, and photography expertise, providing any listing with the presidential treatment. One of his waterfront images is now a mural on the walls of the NH Department of Environmental Services

The beginnings of a brand

Michael Travis spearheaded many new technologies in his advertising career, so it’s no surprise he was the only agent at his brokerage to have a website. Travis had also launched a drone business for real estate before the FAA started to regulate it. But before entering the digital realm, the New Hampshire real estate advisor had to forge a career on the ground—or rather, by the water.

“My first listing on my first day was a waterfront home,” Michael illustrates. “In my second listing, I convinced a seller down the street to drop their price to $30,000, pay a 5% commission, and I will sell their house—all in my first week in real estate. We became best friends, and I have now done nine transactions for them.”

That was enough to launch his brand into the public consciousness. In 2004, Michael acquired, later negotiating over 60% off the $20,000 purchase of its .com counterpart. He quickly went from being a New Hampshire real estate advisor to industry leader status. It’s a testament to the transformative potential of rapidly embracing new platforms.

Relishing in real estate

Now, the only focus in Michael Travis’s mind is real estate. He believes partnership is necessary for buyers, sellers, and the wider community to thrive.

“Our success depends on each other,” he says. “It begins with trust, knowledge, a sense of humor, and always ends with success—though success has no end.”

It’s not just real estate’s aesthetics that the Realtor is deeply familiar with. The diverse circumstances that form the background of a transaction—first home purchases, life changes, and tragedy—motivate his selfless approach. Michael’s been through them all; his sole goal is to help people write the next chapter of their lives.

But the water’s edge has never left him. The New Hampshire real estate advisor has sold properties on more different lakes than any other agent in the state. He collects lakes. Waterfront real estate forms Michael Travis’ past, present, and future, and he thinks it should form yours, too.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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