Revolutionizing Philanthropy: SureImpact’s Surge and Strategic Alliance with Microsoft Cloud

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 26, 2024

In a striking display of resilience and innovation, SureImpact, a software firm in the philanthropy arena, has reported a remarkable surge in growth, scaling up by nearly one-third in the year 2023. This achievement comes amidst the backdrop of significant challenges prevailing in the technology and nonprofit sectors. With this momentum, SureImpact is now gearing up for an expanded global presence, thanks to a strategic alliance with Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit.

This collaboration positions SureImpact as an independent service vendor within Microsoft’s specialized offering for nonprofits. In the near future, SureImpact’s software will be featured in the app marketplace, specifically designed for nonprofit cloud customers. This partnership, which SureImpact’s Founder and CEO Sheri Chaney Jones refers to as a “channel partnership,” is poised to facilitate global sales of their innovative software.

Jones articulated the significance of this collaboration, stating, “This partnership with Microsoft marks a significant milestone in our journey. It allows us to extend our reach globally and helps nonprofits around the world to optimize their impact through data-driven decisions.”

To date, SureImpact’s software has been embraced by 439 organizations, collectively impacting over 200,000 clients. Through data utilization, these organizations are able to amplify their effectiveness, ensuring optimal allocation of donor funds and taxpayer dollars to the most impactful programs.

Despite the prevailing economic headwinds, SureImpact reported a robust 31% increase in subscription revenue on an annualized basis in 2023. “We are thrilled with this steady growth, especially considering the tough environment for tech startups,” added Jones.

Fueled by a $2 million seed round led by Columbus-based Rev1 Ventures, SureImpact is strategically navigating toward profitability. This investment has been pivotal in transitioning from contract to full-time software engineers, thereby cultivating a robust company culture.

The partnership between SureImpact and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit signifies a pivotal development in SureImpact’s trajectory and a technological leap in the nonprofit sector. It underscores the crucial role of technology in enhancing efficiency and impact within the realm of philanthropy.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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