How Do You Stay Updated On AI Trends and Developments?

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on May 13, 2024

With the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence, staying abreast of the latest AI trends and developments is crucial for professionals in the field. We’ve gathered insights from Generative AI Experts to Digital Marketing Consultants, compiling a list of eighteen diverse resources and methods they use. From attending online AI forums to following AI leaders on Twitter, discover how these industry leaders keep their fingers on the pulse of AI advancements.

  • Attend Online AI Forums
  • Leverage Diverse AI Content
  • Curate AI Newsletters with Newsletterss App
  • Discover AI Trends on Product Hunt
  • Pilot New AI Tools for Marketing
  • Gain Insights from AI Conferences
  • Explore AI Innovations Weekly
  • Utilize Online AI Resources
  • Subscribe to AI Newsletters
  • Engage with AI Training Content
  • Subscribe to AI-focused Media
  • Attend AI Industry Events
  • Analyze Open AI Sources
  • Join AI Community Discussions
  • Explore Research on Papers with Code
  • Practice Hands-On AI Experimentation
  • Automate Research with Google Alerts
  • Follow AI Leaders on Twitter

Attend Online AI Forums

Staying on top of trends can feel like chasing a particularly energetic toddler. But fear not! I have a secret weapon: attending the wildly informative online forums where AI researchers debate the finer points of convolutional neural networks with the fervor of competitive dodgeball players. It’s both educational and highly entertaining, like a reality show about geniuses.

Iryna HladkaIryna Hladka
Generative AI Expert,

Leverage Diverse AI Content

AI is a rapidly evolving field, and keeping up with the latest developments isn’t always easy. However, there’s a wealth of informative content available—blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and industry papers—that can help people stay informed about how AI is evolving and its impact on various industries, roles, and, most importantly, people’s lives.

Personally, I find Medium, the OpenAI blog, and LinkedIn to be valuable sources for articles about AI. Companies like HubSpot and Intercom also share interesting insights in this area. Additionally, business newspapers like The Economic Times regularly publish articles on the impact of AI across different industries and the policies surrounding it, providing a comprehensive view of how AI is shaping the overall ecosystem.

Engaging with online communities on platforms like Product Hunt, Quora, LinkedIn, and Reddit is another great way to connect with others and learn from their experiences with AI. However, the most valuable insights often come from speaking directly with prospects, customers, and peers working in different industries. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable perspectives on how AI is being utilized and its real-world impact.

Yogesh JoshiYogesh Joshi
Head of Growth, Kommunicate

Curate AI Newsletters with Newsletterss App

With tons of “similar” looking AI publications covering what’s happening daily, I prefer to spare my inbox. I use a free app called “Newsletterss” to read AI newsletters. It provides me with an email address to sign up for newsletters.

Right now, I am subscribed to an eclectic mix of AI newsletters from a Stanford professor, a computer scientist, an entrepreneur, and a content curator covering news. I read them as and when I get time by opening this app.

But I started by subscribing to tons of these newsletters via the personal Newsletterss email address to cover all the bases of AI. I ended up not engaging with certain newsletters for multiple weeks and being removed from such email lists for being an inactive subscriber. It’s a win-win.

For the newsletter editions I like, I occasionally forward them to my main inbox, just in case I might want to refer back to them at a later date. Overall, this process organically led me to the “subtopics” in the AI industry I like and stay informed of its developments—all without getting overwhelmed.

Chintan ZalaniChintan Zalani
Founder, Bot Memo

Discover AI Trends on Product Hunt

One resource I love using to stay updated on the latest AI trends is Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a curated showcase of the latest and greatest in tech, and it allows me to narrow down my search specifically to AI tools.

Seeing what’s out there sparks ideas on how I can integrate new AI technologies into my workflows and improve efficiency. It also gives me a heads-up on any up-and-coming competitors in our same space.

Alexa FranckAlexa Franck
Sr. Content Marketing Manager, GoSearch

Pilot New AI Tools for Marketing

As a Growth Marketing Lead who actively uses AI, I prioritize keeping up to date with AI trends and developments through a couple of key methods. I frequently consult tool directories like Product Hunt and There’s an AI for That. These platforms are essential for discovering and evaluating new AI tools.

In addition to leveraging tool directories, I implement new tools in pilot projects to assess their effectiveness firsthand. This practical approach allows me to evaluate a tool’s integration capabilities, usability, and impact on our marketing strategies in real time. By capturing insights from their direct application, I ensure that we adopt tools and technologies that truly align with and enhance our marketing objectives. This method keeps our team at the forefront of marketing AI technology innovations.

Eleanor BennettEleanor Bennett
Growth Marketing Lead,

Gain Insights from AI Conferences

I find staying on top of AI trends in my field to be important. One of my favorite ways to do that is by attending industry conferences and workshops.

These events are a great way to hear about the latest advancements and applications of AI directly from leading researchers and practitioners. It’s like getting an insider’s look at the cutting edge of AI!

Udemezue JohnUdemezue John
Digital Entrepreneur, Tchelete

Explore AI Innovations Weekly

It’s safe to say that AI is advancing by the second. Therefore, it can feel overwhelming to stay “in the know” consistently when it comes to AI trends, especially as they pertain to your specific industry.

One method I like, and that has worked well for me, is to visit Product Hunt weekly and type in my industry or niche. It will then list all the AI tools or platforms, and I can filter them so the latest ones appear first in the results.

I then save the ones I want to explore more or sign up for. And just like that, I keep myself up to date on AI in my industry, without feeling overwhelmed.

Charlene LazewskiCharlene Lazewski
Media & Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Expert, Charlene and Co. Media

Utilize Online AI Resources

Every aspect of the economy, including marketing, finance, retail, healthcare, and customer service, is being completely transformed by AI. Companies that do not use AI run the risk of falling behind in their respective fields. For organizations to be relevant and competitive, it is imperative that they stay up to date on AI trends.

Follow online resources

I keep up with websites that offer courses, tutorials, and news highlights related to artificial intelligence. I subscribe to different blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, online publications, online newsletters, and websites that cover AI and the latest developments from diverse angles and skill levels. I keep up with a few websites: Data Camp, MIT Technology Review, and AI Trends. I also read and write blogs, ask and answer questions, and participate in AI conversations on websites like Medium, Reddit, and Quora.

Tara TyrrellTara Tyrrell
Contributing Editor, The Best Brisbane

Subscribe to AI Newsletters

To stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in the AI industry, I rely on daily newsletters that offer diverse insights and timely updates. One invaluable source is Linas Beliūnas’s daily newsletter, which delivers a comprehensive array of current AI and FinTech updates straight to my inbox.

Additionally, I regularly peruse The AI Journal, which summarizes what’s trending in the market and regularly delivers fresh news. By leveraging these two resources, I ensure that I stay informed about the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

sammy altmansammy altman
Global Head of Marketing, EC1 Partners

Engage with AI Training Content

As someone deeply passionate about technology, I stay up-to-date on AI trends and training industry developments by subscribing to various training and development newsletters and following reputable YouTube channels. These resources provide comprehensive insights into the basic features of AI applications and consistently deliver high-quality content on emerging AI technologies, tools, and best practices.

Coupled with this, I intend to dedicate around 30 minutes each day to absorb this information and explore its potential applications in my professional field, being an L&D consultant. Additionally, I actively participate in webinars and virtual conferences focused on the integration of AI into the training industry, enabling me to gain deeper insights and connect with fellow professionals in the field.

Fehmida MerchantFehmida Merchant
L&D Consultant, NamanHR

Subscribe to AI-focused Media

One method I use to keep up with AI developments is by subscribing to AI-focused newsletters, blogs, and podcasts. Many thought leaders use these platforms to share insights into the world of AI. This can be a digestible way to receive updates on trends and updates. The online communities, such as those on social media, are also useful platforms for gaining interaction from peers in the field.

Emily WebsterEmily Webster
Digital Marketing Executive, Growthlabs

Attend AI Industry Events

In our healthcare marketing and digital branding agency, staying informed about the latest AI advancements is crucial. One key resource we leverage is attending industry conferences and workshops. These events provide a platform to hear directly from leading researchers and developers showcasing cutting-edge AI applications.

Engaging with this community allows us to stay abreast of emerging trends, network with other professionals, and gain valuable insights that inform our own work.

Aman QuadriAman Quadri
Co-Founder, Crawl Math

Analyze Open AI Sources

In influencer marketing, staying ahead means keeping up with marketing trends and technologies. To stay updated on AI, we analyze open sources like research papers, articles, blogs, and communities. This gives us insights into AI breakthroughs, emerging technologies, and industry trends. It also helps us understand the challenges and limitations of AI, which guides our decisions in developing our AI solutions.

Michael KuzminovMichael Kuzminov
Chief Growth Officer, HypeFactory

Join AI Community Discussions

I leverage a combination of cutting-edge research papers, industry forums, and specialized AI newsletters to keep my virtual finger on the pulse of the AI world. By diving deep into the latest studies and engaging in vibrant discussions within the AI community, I stay ahead of the curve on emerging trends, breakthroughs, and innovations. This dynamic approach ensures that I not only stay informed but also gain a nuanced understanding of the complex and evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Ashish BhanushaliAshish Bhanushali
Associate Business Analyst, Wappnet Systems Pvt Ltd

Explore Research on Papers with Code

Stay ahead by exploring state-of-the-art research papers on platforms like Papers with Code. Access them on GitHub to dive into the latest innovations.

Shaoni MukherjeeShaoni Mukherjee
AI Specialist, Technical Writer, Digital Ocean

Practice Hands-On AI Experimentation

One specific tactic every marketer should follow is staying updated and actively engaging with AI’s rapid advancements, practices, and case studies. To stay current, I adopt two main approaches:

– Hands-on Experimentation: I run side projects to test AI tools, understand their real-world applications, and see how they can enhance my primary work.

– Dedicated Learning Time: I set aside hours weekly for online courses and webinars, following LinkedIn experts, the latest AI research, and new tool announcements, ensuring I’m always on the cutting edge.

Without continuous learning, you can risk being left behind in the current AI game.

Oleh SorokopudOleh Sorokopud
Head of Digital Marketing, Softjourn

Automate Research with Google Alerts

I use Google Alerts to automate my AI industry research, helping me stay up-to-date with the AI industry, monitor publications, and receive notifications when AI (+ my niche) is mentioned online. Once set up, you’ll receive a curated feed, sent directly to your inbox on a daily, weekly, or “as-it-happens” basis.

The setup process is straightforward: enter a word, topic, or phrase and create an alert for that term. If you want to get more granular, you can filter your alerts by sources (such as News, Blogs, Web, Video, or Books), language, region, and more.

You can also use Google’s search operators (-, @, “”, site:, +) to make your alerts even more specific to your use case.

Some search terms I have set notifications for are:

– AI + “job board”

– AI @blog

– AI @news


Hanna FHanna F
Marketer, Niceboard

Follow AI Leaders on Twitter

AI is affecting every aspect of the professional world, and I like to stay updated by following industry leaders and AI tool providers. In order to do so, I follow these groups on Twitter. With a feed that provides up-to-the-minute information on AI trends, I know right away when new features are added, as well as receiving reports on industry analytics.

Kevin HallKevin Hall
Digital Marketing Consultant, Halls Consulting

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