S’More Launches “3D Profiles” to Enhance Personalization, Interactivity, and Greater Social Discovery

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 25, 2022

S’More reported a 50% increase in profiles views, 10% increase in retention, and a 35% increase in video views since launch.

New York, NY. Tuesday Jan 25th: S’More, the world’s first anti-superficial dating app, connecting people based on content instead of headshots, announces the launch of a new app interface with redesigned profiles, navigation, and discovery features all created to drive even greater engagement, conversations, and organic discovery. The updates are already generating massive buzz. S’More is now in the Top 5 for recommended dating apps in the Apple app store.

S’More’s new rich media profiles feature autoplay music, voice responses, and cover photos. The app now shows exactly what criteria people matched on and then lets them start an instant chat. S’More has redesigned the photo reveal mechanic, adding a pie chart over profile photos. The more a person chats, the more slices are removed, slowly revealing their profile photo. S’More reported a 50% increase in profiles views, 10% increase in retention, a 35% increase in video views, and a 1.6x increase of time on-app since launch. Profiles will be further enhanced with custom maps, Twitter feeds, and integrations with IMDB, and Spotify to help showcase further individuality.

The app has updated the popular “Entertainment” tab, allowing users to easily view exclusive celebrity dating videos; comment, like, and share videos directly to their social media. 82% of users watch videos, and watching videos leads to more profile discovery, 2x longer chats, and lower churn. Finally, the app updated its activity section providing additional information on exactly how people are viewing and interacting with profile content. S’More will be launching even more discovery features including custom and interactive onboarding, and ephemeral chat rooms later this year.

“S’More has become a true discovery platform powered by content,” said Cohen Aslatei, CEO of S’More. “Singles, especially Gen-Zers, are looking for more robust ways to meet someone new. Making dating decisions based simply on a headshot is no longer resonating. S’More transforms dating into an immersive discovery experience whereby people meet organically and on their own terms, and while consuming exciting content.”

Earlier this year, S’More announced a first of its kind partnership with AWS to be the first dating app in the world to implement Rekognition, one of the most sophisticated facial recognition technology, with the goal of completely weeding out catfishers. This technology helps make S’More one of the most secure dating products in the industry. The app also discussed its intentions of moving into the Web 3.0 space in 2022 at NFT Basel in Miami, allowing users to add NFTs to their profile.

About S’MORE

S’More is relationships powered by content not headshots! Imagine a relationship app that starts with getting to know a person before swiping on them. Where character is considered before physical attributes, and where profiles are evaluated on the basis of common interests, opinions, and values. You’ve just described S’More, a next-gen app built to provide daters with a totally interactive way of getting to learn more about a person before evaluating them on the basis of appearance.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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