The 7 Best Squeegees That Will Shine Up Your Shower

By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on June 27, 2021

Water deposits are unsightly and an annoyance on glass shower stalls. Because of this, you will find that shower squeegees are one of the best ways to clean and ensure that your beautiful glass panes remain as clear and clean as possible. 

Shower squeegees are ideal for those who are looking for a quick and efficient way to clean their showers. These tools make your cleaning chores less tedious by removing soap scum and other nasty particles that accumulate in your bathroom and shower.

If you’re in a hurry, here are our top 3 quick picks for the best Shower Squeegee of 2022

Criteria for Choosing the Best Shower Squeegee

What makes a good shower squeegee?

Shower squeegees that are heavy enough to ensure firm contact with shower surfaces while remaining light enough to use without straining your arms are ideal. The handles of stainless steel are typically heavier than those of plastic and silicone.

How big should my shower squeegee be?

For determining which size of blade you should use for your shower squeegee, take measurements in your bathroom. Measuring the diameter of your glass panes in case you have any narrow ones might be helpful. You may experience difficulties cleaning the glass if the squeegee you purchase is too wide since you will need to squeegee at an angle. To ensure a clean and hassle-free finish, we recommend at least .25 inches of wiggle room.

Which material is better, plastic or metal?

Stainless steel handles are an excellent option if you prefer heft when handling a squeegee. Nevertheless, if the heavier squeegee falls from your hands and causes a crack in the shower stall floor tiles, you could cause problems. If the squeegee should ever slip and hit your toes, that would also be extremely painful! For that reason, we recommend going with a plastic handle instead of a metal handle for consumers seeking a shower squeegee. Even though it may seem cheap, the blade on the end of a plastic squeegee is the same as one on a stainless steel squeegee.  As a result, performance won’t be compromised.

Right now, Amazon has some sweet deals on some of the best shower squeegees. Our criteria for choosing the best squeegees include ones that provide stainless steel, a stable holder, and ones that extend out long. We also chose ones that are either labeled as best-sellers or hold at least four stars for ratings. 

The 7 of Best Shower Squeegee of 2022

HIWARE All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for Shower Doors

Shine surfaces with your favorite household cleaner, aka. the squeegee, as it easily cleans shower glass doors and other surfaces of soap scum, limescale, and other buildups. Hiware’s versatile squeegee cleans shower doors, windows, tiles, mirrors, bathrooms, kitchens, decks, patios, and many other surfaces. It has an ergonomic handle, an ergonomic blade, and a 10-inch rubber blade, that allows the cleaner to be easy to use and allow the room to dry quickly after use. Additionally, the blade has an even construction, preventing streaks and squeaks of the water as it flows. Designed to work in the bathroom and outside, the squeegee works just as well on windows and car doors, as you can swipe virtually anywhere with no resistance! It can be stored almost anywhere because of its waterproof adhesive hooks; this can help you access it quickly and easily.

  • The squeegee is easy to clean and store
  • The squeegee provides a streak-free shine
  • The squeegee is designed for optimum functionality 

  • One customer reports that the squeegee rusts

Simtive 12-Inch Shower Squeegee Set

This shower squeegee can be used on most surfaces and can effectively remove soap scum and limescale. The tool is commonly used to clean glass surfaces on shower doors, windows, ceramic tiles, mirrors, and cars. It can be used easily and efficiently because it has a softer silicone blade.  All of its components are made from rust-resistant, stainless steel that is 100% superior quality, as the shower door hooks are made up of a rubber protective layer that prevents scratches. The company will also offer you an additional adhesive hook that is designed for storing objects on bathroom tiles, such as shower squeegees and loofahs. After you have used it, hang it on frameless shower glass doors, as it is easily removable, none of the tapes remains after removal.

  • The squeegee provides a streak-free shine
  • The squeegee is made out of premium material 
  • The squeegee also comes with a shower door hook

  • One customer reports that the squeegee smells terrible 

AmazerBath Shower Squeegee

With this squeegee, you won’t find any stiff PVC material like in other types of squeegees. Instead, it’s made from soft and flexible silicone. With this stainless steel shower squeegee, even in wet conditions, you can use it for an extended period of time. It’s comfortable and easy to handle, and won’t slide or be awkward to use. Smooth, streak-free wipes are generated by the difference, this produces a clean dry swipe with no water spots. In addition to tiles, shower doors, mirrors, and windows, car glass, tabletop, hand washing sinks, and house windows, a shower squeegee can wash them all, including mirrors and windows. It cleans effectively, as it easily removes soap scum, water spots, and other dirty residues. Shower squeegees with shorter handles are only 5.5 inches long. Thanks to this ergonomic design of the tool, it makes handling easy and comfortable thanks to its non-slip properties. The installation does not require drilling or punching. Stick the hook firmly to a smooth, clean, and dry surface. Remove any adhesive backing before sticking. If space is available, the shower squeegee should be hung from the hook. In comparison to a small suction cup holder, an adhesive squeegee holder can support a heavier squeegee for a longer time, as it will not fall off.

  • The squeegee comes with adhesive hooks 
  • The squeegee can be used for multiple purposes
  • The squeegee is long and provides a good grip handle
  • The squeegee is made out of silicone and stainless steel 

  • One customer reports that the squeegee didn’t last for more than two months 

12-Inch Bathroom Shower Squeegee

With two shower squeegee holders and a bonus replacement blade, this 12-inch squeegee is ideal for heavy-duty household cleaning. This stainless steel squeegee with a steel handle and suction hook, chrome-plated for durability and corrosion resistance while it also offers a non-slip grip and minimizes hand fatigue with its ergonomic design. There are no tools or mounting hardware requirements for this squeegee, as it adheres securely to nonporous surfaces such as glass shower doors, mirrors, glazed tiles, steel, and PVC.

  • The squeegee is easy to use
  • The squeegee provides easy installation  
  • The squeegee provides an ergonomic handle

  • One customer reports that the squeegee does not adhere to the wall

RMAI Shower Squeegee

If you have shower doors or another surface that has soap scum, limescale, or water spots, you can remove them with this shower squeegee. In addition to cleaning tiles and shower doors, the squeegee can clean mirrors, windows, car windshields, tabletops, handwashing sinks, marble floors, and other surfaces. In order to clean the squeegee, stainless steel is used, while silicone is used for the blade. Despite its silicone handle, the bathroom squeegee won’t slip while in use. When using it in the winter, you won’t feel cold when you’re holding it. Squeegees can perform long-lasting operations even in wet conditions and their blades are soft yet firm, allowing your windows to be protected. You can store the squeegee shower cleaner with the silicone hook that comes with it, as thiis hook can be hung on any door without any punching or pasting needed.

  • The squeegee provides no streak 
  • The squeegee is made out of stainless steel
  • The squeegee can be used for multiple purposes 
  • The squeegee provides a non-slip handle and a silicone hook for storage

  • One customer reports that the blade of the squeegee wouldn’t take off all of the water from their shower door 

Abealv Shower Squeegee

n contrast to other squeegees on the market, this shower squeegee is unique. Abealv’s ergonomic squeegee shower cleaner is made from stainless steel, so even in humid environments, it won’t rust or corrode. Made from 10-inch silicone, this window squeegee doesn’t make any abnormal noises, and it doesn’t leave watermarks. There are two hooks on this mirror wiper: a glue hook, and another S-shaped hook, which can be hung on the door, cabinet, or shelf at will. Unlike other squeegees, this one comes with a hole on the bottom, which you can hang on the bathroom hook for convenient storage. The glass scraper is fastened to the shower squeegee with internal screws, which increases its stability and durability and assures that the screws will not scratch the glass. The company uses soft silicone material instead of hard PVC scrapers to create window wipers; they won’t squeak as they are used, and they are kind to glass windows. This washbasin wiper comes with a stainless steel handle designed with non-slip strips. Shower scrapers will never slip off due to humidity or the downward flow of glass cleaner, as the anti-slip effect is provided by the windshield wipers.

  • The squeegee provides an improved design 
  • The squeegee provides an ergonomic handle 
  • The squeegee provides multiple suspension methods

  • One customer reports that the squeegee scratches glass

Gorilla Grip All-Purpose Shower and Window Squeegee

With its versatile design, this squeegee can clean anything from shower doors and windows to bathroom tile, countertops and mirrors; you can even use it in the garden or to clear off your car windows. Water, soap scum, foam, and limescale are easily removed with this silicone blade that cuts cleaning time in half; does not scratch glass, counters, or other surfaces; works quickly and easily. Designed from well-designed materials, its ergonomic handle helps you maintain a comfortable, yet powerful grip, making cleaning easier and more enjoyable. The frame is constructed of rust-resistant stainless steel and is incredibly durable for long-lasting use. The holder, which adheres easily to clean indoor surfaces, can be stuck to clean surfaces everywhere indoors – from your shower to your kitchen, to your garage. Plus, the squeegee can be hung without the adhesive holder directly from the bottom.

  • The squeegee is versatile 
  • The squeegee is easy to hang 
  • The squeegee provides a durable design 
  • The squeegee provides a streak-free shine 
  • The squeegee provides a comfortable handle 

  • One customer reports that the squeegee is made out of rubber not silicone 

In Conclusion 

We hope you found the best shower squeegee that best suits your needs! By using these effective tools, they can make your cleaning chores more convenient by removing soap scum and other stubborn particles accumulated in your shower and bathroom!

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By Sophia Chartrand Sophia Chartrand has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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