Expect MORE From Your Realtor: Robert Delavan Reveals the Innovative Future of Real Estate, Finance and Tax

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on February 19, 2024

You already know real estate is a great investment. Robert Delavan can make it even better by eliminating a lot of risk and guesswork. Wouldn’t you like to know the near-term and longer-term risks, benefits and opportunities of each transaction?  When is it worth it to remodel? What are the tax implications if you do?  Should you add an ADU? Downsize? Buy a rental property? Are your real estate assets directly supporting your long term goals? Such questions are essential, but they aren’t addressed by most real estate agents. 

Most agents just want to sell you a home. A good one communicates well, strives to educate clients, and brings the transaction to a swift and efficient conclusion. A great realtor should do even more… at least that’s what Robert Delavan thinks.  

Rob knows that real estate transactions don’t exist in isolation from the rest of your financial picture, or life. To help you understand the broader impacts of real estate decisions, Rob integrates real estate with services such as tax and financial planning. As needed, Rob’s clients can access a cross-disciplinary team of professionals, able to create a customized real estate plan for you. Instead of leaving you to piece together essential answers as best you can. Rob offers a coordinated approach, with deeper insights and a seamless experience for anyone buying or selling property.

Rob is the Founder of Delavan Realty, Inc. As 2023 past President of The Master’s Circle at the Portland Metro Association of Realtors and currently serving on the Oregon Real Estate Association Board of Directors, he is a demonstrated top performer, trusted by his peers and hundreds of satisfied clients. Rob also owns Delavan PDX Property Management, Delavan Contracting Services, and is a partner in ROI Tax. By integrating disciplines, Rob goes beyond industry norms to bring tremendous value to clients. 

Holistic Solutions

 Robert Delavan believes that to build wealth sustainably, you need a real estate agent who will consider all of your critical financial elements as one. While the integration of real estate, tax planning and financial planning isn’t for every agent, it’s natural for Rob. In addition to his partnership in tax and financial planning services, Rob has deep experience in construction, property management, business consulting and more. This breadth leads to smart, holistic solutions without undue preference for a particular outcome. 

According to Rob, “The traditional industry pretends that a purchase or sale occurs in a vacuum without affecting the rest of the client’s financial life because realtors only receive compensation when they sell a home. Delavan Realty, Inc. challenges this conflict of interest by allowing all options to be on the table for the client without undue influence towards a sale.”

Sustainable, strategic wealth-building

Combining high-level real estate, tax, and financial planning is not a new idea. The ultra-wealthy do it all the time via bespoke companies called “family home offices.” Robert Delavan is bringing this powerful approach home to ‘everyday achievers,’ like you. In other words, as Robert and his partners harmonize real estate, tax, and financial services, they are also ‘leveling the playing field’ so that more people have access to proven strategies for building wealth. 

Rob says, “The rich always get richer as they take advantage of tax, real estate, and financial legal loopholes that require planning and strategy. We bring this expertise to the everyday achiever.” 

As the property market becomes more competitive and professionals battle for your business, ask what your realtor can do for you beyond facilitating a transaction. If they don’t spark your imagination with seamless wealth-building opportunities, a better agent could be out there.

Learn more from Rob’s interviews on The OR Realtor podcast, titled ‘The Get Rich Slow Podcast,’ released in 2022 thru 2023.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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