Waverox BCI Neuroscience Research: Short Timely Taken Breaks Hold Productivity and Decrease Fatigue, Which Cannot be Compensated by Resting Later and Longer

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Published on March 4, 2024

Waverox is a brain-computer non-invasive interface app and device based on electroencephalography technology, which is used to track brain activity rhythms and electrical waves produced by brain neurons. These waves are what indicate one’s sleeping, waking, focus, tiredness, and inspiration. 

In order to establish the connections between work-rest cycles and productivity the research was conducted by Waverox neuroscience team. The research from Waverox focuses on optimizing work and rest balance using their Mind Tracker BCI app. The app, based on EEG signals, determines the best times for work and breaks by measuring various EEG metrics. The study involved 26 professionals who reported high stress and workload, working as managers, lawyers, analysts, logisticians, and accountants at the office. They were monitored for brain activity throughout a workday using the Waverox Headband device and received feedback on when the rest is needed.

Nik Ershov, Waverox BCI CEO: “I have a habit of stretching myself too thin and using up all of my reserves. We developed a Waverox device for over-performers and biohacking enthusiasts for combating stress and burnout, managing their brain more effectively.”

Key findings include:

  • The Productivity group, using the app, had shorter but more frequent breaks, showing a more pronounced decline in fatigue and increased concentration.
  • The Control group, deciding their rest periods, had longer but fewer breaks.
  • Significant raise of focus during work time and cognitive recovery during rest improvements were observed in the Productivity group.
  • However, the answers of the participants revealed that subjective feelings about the need for a break differ significantly from the Productivity tool recommendations, based on EEG indicators. This may be related to the habit of working in a specific mode, which apparently is not optimal from the brain’s perspective. The absence of a timely break leads to the decrease in productivity, which cannot be compensated for by resting later and longer during the day.

These results suggest that EEG-based tools can effectively manage work and rest for better cognitive performance.

Waverox is a mind tracker device and wellness app based on EEG monitoring technology, which helps to gain productivity and combat stress to achieve the most ambitious goals with less harm to mental health.

Key features: 

  • Monitoring: helps to raise brain functioning awareness
  • Productivity tool: helps to gain personal work-rest rhythm
  • Biofeedback alpha training: helps to pull the emergency brake in urgent emotional situations and switch gears, as well as to develop stress resilience.
By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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