Promptmaster Debuts Company AI Audits for Radical Cost Efficiency

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Published on July 25, 2023

Promptmaster Debuts Company AI Audits for Radical Cost Efficiency

— The Promptmaster Copilot software coupled with an innovative educational course forges a new era of AI auditors —

[Budapest, 24th July 2023] – Promptmaster, an AI-education and business platform, has unveiled an innovative toolset for businesses to facilitate AI-audits, resulting in substantial cost savings. The Promptmaster Copilot software and the associated AI-educational course cultivate a new generation of AI-auditors, known as “Prompt Masters.” These trained professionals are capable of ushering businesses into the AI era, regardless of their previous technical knowledge, making it applicable to their own workplaces or other companies. The AI-audit software and its complementary AI-educational course are now available to the US market via the Promptmaster website.

Renowned tech and AI expert, David Taylor, asserts that businesses need to master AI and understand its seamless integration into their workflows to thrive competitively. “AI’s profound impact on business growth and humanity at large is irrefutable. Our mandate at Promptmaster is to provide the necessary educational resources and tools that enable individuals and businesses to meaningfully engage with AI,” says Taylor, who has been instrumental in developing the Promptmaster courses over the past six months.

The newly launched Prompt Master Course available in the US market provides comprehensive training on how businesses can integrate AI into their operations effectively. The course imparts proficiency in using the Promptmaster Copilot tool within the context of a company AI audit. It includes access to the software, empowering users to build AI-powered human workflows, thereby achieving substantial cost savings. This technology builds on the benefits of AI powered automation as seen through many stories this year, such as the case of Dukaan, where the company saw a 98% reduction in support ticket resolution time overnight after migrating to AI-powered workflows.

Following the successful rollout of the Prompt Engineering Course earlier this year, the Prompt Master Course represents the next step in the ongoing quest to equip businesses with the insights necessary to leverage AI for optimal productivity and cost efficiency.

Taylor visualizes Promptmaster’s mission as akin to creating a “driver’s license for AI.” Drawing parallels with the automobile industry, he notes that just like cars need an array of supplementary tools and understanding for efficient operation, AI models, such as GPT-4 and LLaMa, require businesses to comprehend and utilize an array of additional tools to function effectively.

Starting with basic AI functions to mastering AI software, and finally, integrating AI into business workflows, the Prompt Master Course takes participants on an in-depth journey over 5 hours. The course includes: 

  • Extensive training on performing AI audits and tailoring AI solutions to specific businesses.
  • Access to Promptmaster Copilot, an AI-driven recommendation engine with thousands, and constantly growing number of AI software tools.
  • Exclusive know-how for delivering exceptional cost savings through AI implementation.
  • Revamping company operations with AI-powered workflows.
  • Comprehensive training following the completion of the course on regular live workshops with the instructors.
  • Access to Promptmaster’s Discord community for collaborative learning and support.

Gabor Rétfalvi, CEO and co-founder of Promptmaster observes, “As AI becomes more common in business operations around the world, there’s a growing need for AI audits made possible by the Promptmaster Copilot software. Our new course aims to give businesses the skills they need to fully utilize these tools, leading to continued growth and efficiency.”

Aimed at professionals across various industries seeking a comprehensive understanding of AI and automation solutions for their operations, the Prompt Master course is set to establish a new benchmark in AI education and certification. The comprehensive course is designed to be easily understood without any specific technical prerequisites.

Rétfalvi concludes, “The AI revolution is clearly underway. As more businesses grasp how AI can enhance operations, its acceptance will only proliferate. However, it’s crucial that we equip these businesses with the education and tools they need to fully understand how AI can be leveraged for their specific needs. As AI continues to drive revenue, reduce costs, and create new job functions, understanding and integrating it becomes not just advantageous, but essential.

For more information about the Promptmaster Copilot software, the Promptmaster courses, or to enroll, please visit the Promptmaster website.


About Promptmaster

Promptmaster is an AI-education and business platform offering solutions for both individuals and businesses. For individuals, Promptmaster focuses on AI education, teaching users how to use the latest AI tools professionally. For businesses, the company provides a combination of education, consultancy, and custom AI software solutions. The Promptmaster Certified Prompt Engineer, Master, and Grand Master Courses, and the Promptmaster Copilot software equip learners to generate high-quality text, automate workflows, and even create AI applications without any technical background. Each course is meticulously designed to cater to professionals across diverse fields, such as copywriters, marketers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners. Promptmaster is a portfolio company of Next Earth AI Labs, and developed in partnership with AI and technology specialists, Neuron Solutions. To learn more, visit the Promptmaster website.

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