How Ex-Navy Mechanic Michael Ryan Solves Real Estate’s Tough Problems

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on November 30, 2023

Real estate has a striking dichotomy at its core. It’s not for the faint of heart, but everyone needs to interact with it one day.

So, when looking for a real estate agent in a bustling market like Orlando, you need a professional who understands the finite details of the industry and utilizes a robust skillset to solve problems efficiently.

Michael Ryan, the Lead Buyer Specialist at the Ray Lopez Team in Florida, has the aptitude and versatility to do both. With a background as a Navy mechanic and a belief in excellence, the Orlando real estate agent offers a different approach to solving the property market’s biggest challenges.

“In an industry where each sale or purchase is as unique as the people involved, knowing how to best communicate with my customers, service providers, and other agents is at the heart of my success,” he says.

Now, the seasoned veteran identifies issues to look out for in a real estate transaction and reveals how he applies his unique background to help clients resolve them:


Confronting complex challenges

It may sound like common sense to suggest partnering with a professional. Still, it’s astonishing how many people attempt to buy or sell property in locations like Orlando without the expertise of a real estate agent. Michael Ryan’s background sets the standard you should aim for.

“I believe that my ability to solve complex issues during a real estate transaction comes from a lifetime of being a mechanic,” he explains. “When I served in the Navy, I was stationed on a submarine where my job was to operate and repair every major mechanical system on one of the most complex vessels imaginable. Problem-solving became second nature, and I bring that to my customers every day.”

Similarly, in the real estate world, the Orlando real estate agent brings these attributes to the table. His ability to navigate the intricate processes of buying or selling a home originates from his experience as a mechanic. 

Just as he had to ensure a submarine’s systems functioned flawlessly, he now makes real estate transactions go as smoothly as possible.


Creating candid conversation

Effective communication is another hallmark of an excellent real estate agent in Orlando. The Ray Lopez Team member emphasizes the importance of being open and honest in your interactions with your chosen professional.

“The more insight you can provide helps your real estate agent understand you better,” he offers. “It allows them to use their experience to bring options or solutions you may never have thought of yourself.”

Michael Ryan’s experience in a high-pressure environment honed his communication skills. Clarity and honesty are essential for problem-solving, whether on a submarine or in a real estate transaction. 

In the Navy, communication is a matter of life and death. Submarine crews must converse effectively to ensure the safety and functionality of the vessel. 


Tackling tricky topics

Real estate deals often involve high stakes and, sometimes, uneasy situations. Few experiences prepare you to talk about challenging subjects like being in the military.

“Real estate is involved in some of life’s most difficult situations, such as divorce, bankruptcy, and death,” The Ray Lopez Team’s Lead Buyer Specialist illustrates. “It frequently requires asking uncomfortable questions to solve problems and get back to normal. You deserve a professional who knows how and what to ask.”

In complicated situations, Michael’s ability to navigate sensitive discussions is invaluable. He aims to find the best path forward, even in imperfect conditions, just as he did on the submarine.


At first glance, a career as a Navy mechanic isn’t the typical background for a real estate agent in Orlando. However, Michael Ryan brings a unique and valuable skill set to the Ray Lopez Team with three essential pieces of advice for every buyer or seller to follow. 

Partnering with a professional, being open and honest, and taking on uncomfortable topics—they’re all comparable with the day-to-day activities of the Navy. If you’re a homeowner, renter, or investor, settle for nothing less than a military standard of service in your search for a real estate professional.

By Vivienne Benitz Vivienne Benitz has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Vivienne Benitz is a featured columnist at Grit Daily. She is originally from Germany and is a publicist at an international PR agency based in the United States.

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