Metazoa Saves Organizations Time and Money with 16 New Automated Salesforce Org Management Tools

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on January 26, 2023

Keeping customers happy is tough, and while customer relationship management (CRM) platforms look to make things easier, they are not perfect. Even the world’s number one CRM platform, Salesforce, involves expensive and time-consuming engagements. Metazoa wants to change that by replacing those manual processes with an automated, consistent, and repeatable software process.

Automated Salesforce Org Management Tools

Metazoa is the developer responsible for Salesforce’s top software toolset for org management, and it has just announced 16 automated solutions to solve some of the most challenging issues faced by organizations. These solutions help orgs find problems, fix them, and maintain agile operations. The solutions include:

  • Inactive User Cleanup
  • User Access Management
  • Permission Set Adoption
  • Folder Sharing Permissions
  • Lightning Experience & Security

Every tool is aimed at reducing costs and complexity by simplifying a variety of tasks. In the words of Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer, “Metazoa’s services are a cost-effective, convenient way for Salesforce customers to manage their orgs amid today’s economic headwinds and declining operational spend.”

Metazoa’s Tools Get Customers More for Less

The new tools come at a time when many companies are looking for ways to cut costs, and according to Mercer, it does not have to be difficult to implement. “By combining our powerful toolset with our vast experience, we eliminate those hurdles and help customers maintain proper org management practices without breaking the bank.”

Moreover, through automation, there is no need to bring on additional staff or expensive global system integrators (GSI). The tools even make it possible to fill gaps left behind due to industry-wide layoffs.

“Our goal is to make it easy for companies to get the most out of their investment in Salesforce,” said Metazoa Chief Technology Officer Bill Appleton. “These new tools automate many of the tasks that are currently done manually, making it easier to manage Salesforce orgs and achieve consistently better results.”

The tools are also suitable for orgs of all sizes, and according to Appleton, “Proper org management is vitally important, especially for Salesforce instances that have been operating for a few years.”

The Tools Are Designed to be Easy to Use

The tasks made easier by Metazoa’s toolset usually require extensive Salesforce knowledge and an understanding of Salesforce data and metadata. However, that is not the case with Metazoa’s toolset, which is housed within Snapshot, the industry’s leading org management solution.

To ensure things run smoothly, automated reports and applications to uncover and help remediate problems are standard with every service offering. It allows system architects, administrators, account managers, and sales engineers to move forward with ease, allowing them to focus on other challenges.

Additionally, Snapshot enables customers to generate their own reports, receive advice, and resolve their own problems, eliminating some of the backend support requirements and solving problems quickly.

Metazoa’s Excellent Track Record

Metazoa Snapshot traces back as far as 2006 as one of the first apps on the Salesforce AppExchange. It has proven itself time and again, expanding into an industry leader that offers comprehensive org management solutions and turn-key services for complex needs. The new tools simply solidify its position as a leading in org management solutions for Salesforce.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.

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