Meet Artificial Intelligence, the New Head of Marketing

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Published on March 31, 2021

Everybody knows what artificial intelligence (AI) is. Everybody knows of its growing importance in a world of building gadgets to advance the world of medicine and tech. But what about its usage in marketing? And just how effective is artificial intelligence when it comes to connecting with real people?

This is where AI marketing comes into play. Essentially, it’s a type of marketing which utilizes AI to call the shots after collecting data taken from the observation of people and trends. A good example of AI marketing would be Facebook’s usage of it in its advertisements. Facebook uses an algorithm that tailors ads to match its users’ specific preferences. There are many aspects to this whole process, but basically, users are narrowed down by their age, gender, location, interests and so on. Machine learning comes into play here. It determines whether or not a user will care about the ad presented to them. Thus, certain ads get higher action rates than others depending on the user’s collected data.

Artificial Intelligence Marketing – Better than Real Marketers?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that artificial intelligence will do all the work for people in the marketing business. Yet. General artificial intelligence can essentially emulate human intelligence in terms of thinking critically and handling complex tasks instead of one task at a time (which is what ‘narrow AI’ does). However, at this point of time, general AI will not fully take over the functions of a human marketer.

What it will do is quicken the process of obtaining leads and potential customers for brands. With the kind of speed AI provides, a company’s return of investment (ROI) can be boosted to greater heights. AI in the marketing field basically enhances the value of business productivity by up to forty percent.

Another plus side of using artificial intelligence in marketing is that AI can understand people at an emotional level. Seventy-six percent of customers ideally expect brands and companies to understand what their needs are. And it’s AI that is currently the best horse to bet on in this department, seeing as it has the capacity to study data based on, for instance, a person’s past purchasing behavior.  That’s why websites like Facebook truly flourish when it comes to advertising products.

AI in Language and Marketing

It certainly would be great to start investing in artificial intelligence to boost an advertising company seven steps forward, no doubt. And the method of using AI in marketing is taking the world by storm these days. The issue here, however, is that there are various AI-based solutions to advertising to choose from. So, which solutions produce a better result?

That truly depends on what a business is trying to achieve.

For Jan Rautenbach, the CEO of Kvell Group, a good approach to AI marketing lies in its connection to linguistics. Kvell Group has recently worked with the Texas University Language Laboratory as well as world-class linguists and psychologists to apply AI in their latest software. This software has the capacity to infer a personality profile for customers based on their usage of language – also known as linguistic inferencing.

Jan Rautenbach, CEO at Kvell Group

“From a historical perspective, Artificial Intelligence programs have been focused on cognitive computing, computer vision, and deep learning algorithms. Very little has been done to provide Artificial Intelligence with insight into the human beings they are decoding. This is where our approach differs from the marketplace at the moment,” Jan says. “We help computers understand human language.”

Indeed, this groundbreaking focus on a new, more personal aspect of artificial intelligence could take the marketing game to a new level. One can only sit back and watch eagerly as more and more new players deal their cards in the world of AI marketing.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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