How Matthew A. Dolman, Founder of Dolman Law Group, Is Supporting Clients and Cultivating Success

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Published on December 10, 2022

Since the practice of law began, supporting people has always been the main objective. Whether online or in the office, Matthew A. Dolman, Founder of Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA, is well-versed in the various methods to do so, valuing modern technology and human-to-human connections. Bringing an ambitious approach to the legal and entrepreneurship industry, Dolman looks to make a lasting impact by cultivating professional success and enacting change for others.

Specializing in personal injury law in Florida and throughout the nation, Dolman uses modern tools in his day-to-day work to defend the rights of others and stand apart. “We have one of the five most traveled personal injury law firm websites as measured by organic (non-paid) traffic. On most days we tend to rank either #2 or #3,” he shares. These results reflect Dolman’s focus to build a national brand and develop lasting relationships with trial lawyers, including co-counseling cases or referring potential claims. “This has enabled us to scale our business without needing additional staff. Our growth has far outpaced the increase in operational expenses leading to greater margins and profitability.”

Dedicated to helping clients during challenging moments in life, Dolman credits his hard-working team, online content, and established relationships with referral partners as working tools to grow a leading law firm. “The key behind this growth is simply doubling down on the success of our website which was built and continues to grow as a result of persistency and consistent efforts put forth by our dedicated team,” he states. With six full-time writers that assist attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff, Dolman’s firm achieves success with a strong team and leader to guide them to the top.

Providing individualized attention to clients and referral sources, Dolman and his team also cultivate success with open lines of communication and long-lasting relationships. “Our attorneys provide their cell phone numbers to all clients. Further, our cell numbers appear on our business cards,” he says. This is a key factor for the firm to enact change by prioritizing staff-client interaction. “It is imperative to provide timely updates to our referral partners (other lawyers and law firms) and keep them apprised of all developments. Our individual clients are not stuck dealing solely with staff. They actually speak with their attorneys at our firm and I cannot stress how important this is.”

With top-quality service and outstanding results, Dolman utilizes various methods to build an efficient team, improve operations, and create value among clients. “You are only as strong as your weakest link. If a staff member cannot get along with others or is a distraction, you need to replace this individual,” he explains. This goes hand in hand with providing clients the time needed to produce effective outcomes. “Personal attention is crucial and will enable the client to see first-hand the hard work that goes into building a claim and obtaining a fruitful result,” he adds. For that reason, Dolan and his team remain committed to ensuring clients are always a bigger part of the process. 

Steadily building their mass torts practice, Dolman and his team aim to expand his firm’s service to more prospective clients in Florida and nationwide. “Our goal is to continue to grow our gross earnings year over year while improving our service and referral sources. However, we do not want to become a firm that is nothing more than a volume shop. It is essential we continue to add talent, in regards to, at least five additional attorneys,” he says. By applying these tools, Dolman’s impact in the legal industry continues to grow with a great team and great goals on the horizon.

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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