Luke Lintz Talks About Founding HighKey Enterprises With His Two Brothers

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Published on September 15, 2022

Luke Lintz is the founder and CEO of HighKey Enterprises LLC, a Puerto Rico-based company that helps brands and influencers become highkey famous through digital and social media marketing. Luke founded the company with his brothers, Jordan and Jackson Through HighKey Clout’s celebrity giveaways, he triggers social growth for some of the most influential figures on social media. Meanwhile, he helps create elite brands with video, design, and press publications through HighKey Agency.

Grit Daily: What was the inspiration behind HighKey Enterprise?

Luke Lintz: I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, along with my brothers Jordan Lintz and Jackson Lintz. My story is that I stepped out of my economics class at the age of 16 to start an eCommerce business. Ninety days later, we sold our entire $8,000 inventory at an ROI of 375%. Since then we have transitioned from a product based to a service based business.  As the co-founder and CEO of HighKey Enterprises LLC. HighKey Enterprises LLC (DBA Highkey Agency and HighKey Clout), is a public relations firm that works with high-level personal brands and businesses to take their social media presence to the next level with perfected content and a complete digital branding strategy. The word “HighKey” comes from the opposite of the common word Lowkey. To be HighKey means to be known. All the HighKey companies have this one commonality and goal to be as HighKey as possible. HighKey Enterprises’ social media department comprises growth experts, video editors, social media managers, graphic designers, copywriters, and more. For social media, we offer custom packages for full-service management of Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tik Tok. HighKey Enterprises’ press department comprises operation managers, editorial writers, and elite editors. For press, we offer publications to grow your brand and boost SEO rankings on Google. 

Grit Daily: Has the business made you and your brothers grow closer?

Luke Lintz: Running a business and any business with family is always challenging. I think it’s made us closer in the sense of how much time we talk together and how much time we spend together. But we are so business focused. Now, this can be a male thing, where I find guys do not inherently talk about things like personal issues and emotions. We also are growing older, and our main focus is businesses, so our main conversations in the family revolve around business conversations, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing. So we’re just talking about what we love, love doing, and what our futures will be like, so we are very close in that aspect. 

Grit Daily: What are your thoughts on Instagram’s algorithm and how it has affected influencers?

Luke Lintz: It is first helpful to know how Instagram has evolved. Instagram started as a picture-based platform and excelled because it had zero market competition. Then other platforms came out that were taking over Instagram’s viewership, like YouTube, because YouTube offered long-form videos. And then you had Snapchat that was taking a lot of market share and a lot of their viewership. And then Tik Tok has been dominating the entire landscape. And so what Instagram did at all those points was to compete with Snapchat, they launched their feature, Instagram Stories, which was successful, and then Instagram launched IGTV videos to compete with YouTube because it allowed for longer form 15-minute content. And to compete with YouTube, it wasn’t as successful. And it never really stuck on. They promised a lot of content to creators and influencers that they would push ads inside the videos. They did this to a certain extent to start bringing revenue to the influencers, which they’ve never done up until this point because they’re constantly creating content and quality content, yet what happened over time is to make money from their platform. Instagram had to bring people off the Instagram platform to somewhere else to pay for another product or service, like going onto a third-party website and buying something or having an affiliate program. Fast forward, to keep up with Tik Tok, Instagram released reels, not only releasing reels but also really favoring video content. They then completely switched up their feed. The thing that irked the Instagram community was they changed up their home feed so that it wasn’t scrollable anymore, and you had to go one by one piece of content, just like TikTok, which made people very upset for many reasons. The main feed change contributed to an even larger decrease in overall social media engagement.

When you have people that give up a full-time job to devote time and attention to creating content and growing their Instagram following, and then not even in an hour, Instagram changes their main feed, and their Instagram engagement ratios decrease by half. And for some creators this could be translated to a 50% decrease in income from bringing over viewers on Instagram to a product or service. This also has creators searching for alternatives like TikTok, another platform on which to dedicate their time. 

Grit Daily: What makes HighKey different from other branding companies?

Luke Lintz: We understand the digital realm, how to make brands famous, and the brand story because we are entrepreneurs in the digital space ourselves. Through HighKey Clout, we help our clients grow their social media presence—from having a couple of hundred followers to having tens of thousands overnight. It’s a business model based on one simple win-win-win principle: providing value to every person and brand involved in the process. In a nutshell, what we do with HighKey Clout is tap into elite social media influencers and Instagram celebrities to host high-value giveaways sponsored by our clients.

Grit Daily: What tips would you give those wanting to grow their business and social media presence?

Luke Lintz: Always look at social media from the user’s perspective in your industry. If we’re looking at Instagram, for instance, people go on to Instagram mainly to look at their Instagram stories and Instagram DMs for the most part, so you would want to spend the most time focused there. People use their Instagram profiles like a digital business cards. Your Instagram profile needs to look fantastic and as clean and precise as possible, so whenever somebody comes to the Instagram page, it looks perfect. You then apply those techniques on every single social media platform. So you should be focused on the end user and then looking at forum-specific content. Be careful when hiring an in-house social media team. Well, your social media is only as good as that one person who’s a part of your social media team, compared to if you’re hiring an agency where that’s their bread and butter. One individual is usually only really good at one social media platform. However, every social media platform is for a different audience, uses different types of content, and goes to a different demographic. You need to know what kinds of content each forum can relate to and how to edit that content. You also need to know how to post the content and how much you should post.

Grit Daily: What is an inspirational quote that you live by? 

Luke Lintz: As Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft was once quoted: “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Press.” 

Grit Daily: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge the industry is facing?

Luke Lintz: Over the years, we have quickly realized that high-level clients who can afford and benefit significantly from our services have minimal extra time. The main rebuttal we get from potential clients is that they don’t have the time to invest in their brand. We fully understand this because high-level professionals should be focusing and working on what they do best, not teaching themselves video editing, filming, and social media posting, and should be leaving that work to people who work daily on these platforms. In addition, the six biggest social media sites – Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter- have different content preferences and requirements for the highest engagement level. Whatever you put on there has to align with not just your brand but also the medium. Most importantly, however, is that these sites have different algorithms. What works on one won’t work on the other because it’s been programmed to show content and engagement differently. Also, most of these platforms are owned by different companies, so they all have ulterior motives for advertising, virality, and data collection.

Grit Daily: What is it like working with celebrities and industry leaders? 

Luke Lintz: Working with celebrities is interesting because, a lot of the time, they’re very polarizing figures. Like the general public, some love them, and others don’t. Mostly, they are just everyday people that work hard, like to have fun, and use their talent to make money. They live luxurious lifestyles because of what they’ve been able to do, and that’s the dream everyone is aspiring to achieve. 

Grit Daily: Anything else you want to share? 

Luke Lintz: Authenticity is critical in today’s world. Your brand’s story is the most vital, and you should not go about creating it alone. It should be taken seriously since it reflects your past experiences and how you got to where you are today. We didn’t make up any part of the HighKey story. We have just accumulated so much experience, built so many businesses in the past, and worked on many different projects that have been like a snowball effect, ultimately leading me to the next opportunity. All my past experiences strung together become a creative story. Nobody will have a compelling story just starting in business or whatever project they’re working on. The story constantly evolves as you grow as a person and grow in a specific industry. It is critical to hire experts that understand that message and have a track record of business success. 

By Grit Daily Staff Grit Daily Staff has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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