Kindness Is a Strong Foundation for Success

Published on July 23, 2020

Years ago, when problems arose in my business, I realized my emotions tended to drive the decisions. When emotions are high, logic is low leading to irrational decisions. I was told it was wise to take feelings out of the decision-making process. People wanted me to focus only on the bottom line “The numbers are all that matter,” they said.

Numbers don’t lie, we all know that. But it felt wrong in my gut to be so cold and impersonal when considering my brand. Your intuitive voice doesn’t lie either. I founded my first business at my kitchen table to produce a product I needed. To me, it was personal. Analyzing the numbers is important, but don’t get so caught up in them that you lose sight of your customers and your employees. If you don’t care, why should they?

Entrepreneurs need to create a symbiotic relationship between the numbers and their intuition. It’s a powerful heart and mind combination to help guide your business decisions. The a final, crucial piece to this equation is kindness.

Kindness leads to success

Strong, amazing female business leaders often tell me they have lost the sense of who they are. They no longer treat others with the kindness and respect they want and expect themselves. We have to be true to our authentic selves. Ignoring our feelings and our intuition when making decisions is absolutely incorrect. Our kindness as a great parent, friend, and partner has a place in our business life as well. You know what is right, what you are capable of, and how you need kindness in both your personal and business lives. Do this, and everyone benefits.

What should you do?

Incorporating kindness into your brand messaging and business dealings is key. People want to believe that a brand is authentic and true. Consider the choices you are making during the COVID pandemic. Many people are opting to support local small businesses where they know the entrepreneurs, like their brand values, or know what they’ve done to benefit the community. These are the ties that bind customers to your brand in today’s challenging and ever-changing world.

Empower your staff, value them, communicate with them often, and offer incentives and recognition for ideas that are outside the box. This will improve employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Consumers love positive experiences, so give them one. Drive loyalty by giving dependable, personalized, top-notch customer service, with exceptional products that maintain a high-level of standards. Listen to your consumers’ concerns and regardless of their demeanor, respond with kindness.

Start a movement.

In 2015, I started #ThinkKindness to help foster kindness as a principal foundation for a successful business, relationship or fulfillment of individual potential. To kick-start it, I invited 150 women to a ThinkKindness event. Making this a women-only gathering was deliberate because, unfortunately, women are often the hardest on other women. We need to respect, support and be kind to other women.

Give back.

After the sale of my first company, I wondered what would be my next act in life. Then the calls started coming in from early to mid-stage entrepreneurs and CEOs reaching out for mentorship and guidance. Female entrepreneurs and CEOs, in particular, lack a strong community to help them work through the challenges that arise building and running a brand. Therefore in early 2019, I founded Pink Talented Angels By Lizanne Falsetto. It’s a safety net of female founders supporting one another, in both the good times and the bad, through my Holistic Success Method, which intertwines business opportunities and personal goals for a better whole life.

By being kind and helping out others just for the sake of it, you’re not only marketing your business in a positive way, but you’ll find a sense of empowerment in helping others that is incredibly rewarding.

My first business started and succeeded on the trifecta of paying attention to my intuition, the numbers, and kindness. Intuition pushed me to start the business, and was also my best advisor. The numbers provided a better understanding of my product line, manufacturing costs, market space, consumers and end goal. Kindness opened doors and put my product on the shelves of Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Walmart. Kindness helped me build my startup into a successful lifestyle brand. The answers you need for your business has to come from the relationship between all three.

Lizanne Falsetto is a Grit Daily contributor, an entrepreneur, founder of thinkThin®, CEO of Pink Talented Angels and LF Advisory, a mentor, mother, wellness pioneer, and speaker. For more information about Lizanne, please visit:

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