Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola Promises Major Advancements and Innovations for MSPs

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 25, 2023

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola delivered an impactful keynote address at DattoCon 2023, the company’s annual customer conference in Miami. Voccola shared insights into the benefits of the Kaseya-Datto integration and unveiled several innovations to drive MSP profits. The conference, attended by a packed room of enthusiastic MSPs, focused on closing the gap between tools, emphasizing the importance of integration, automation, and optimal tool utilization.

The Space Between: Challenges for MSPs

Voccola highlighted the unique challenges faced by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who must serve as multi-functional IT professionals and, thus, spend their days switching back and forth between disparate tools and systems to get their job done. The wasted time these professionals spend jumping from one unintegrated tool to another is what Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola calls “the space between.”

Voccola acknowledged that this space poses time and expense waste for MSPs and expressed his commitment to addressing this through the Kaseya IT Complete platform. By bridging the gaps between products and platforms with tight workflow integrations, Voccola aims to provide MSPs with a comprehensive solution for their needs.

The Vision for IT Complete: Integration and Automation

Voccola outlined the vision for the IT Complete platform, emphasizing the importance of integration and automation in enabling MSPs to thrive. By offering deep workflow integration between products and modules, Kaseya aims to address the challenges faced by MSPs and provide them with a unified and efficient operational environment.

New Capabilities in IT Complete

To further support the integration and automation goals, Voccola highlighted some of the new capabilities available in the IT Complete platform:

Cooper Bots: Business Process Automation

Building on the Cooper AI engine introduced in 2021, Kaseya unveiled Cooper Bots, a business process automation solution. Leveraging workflow integrations and AI assistance, Cooper Bots can autonomously handle repetitive and labor-intensive tasks typically assigned to technicians. This automation frees up valuable time for MSPs, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.

FLEXspend for Backup

Kaseya’s FLEXspend for Backup program addresses the need for a versatile backup solution that adapts to shifting workloads. MSPs can adjust their backup spend based on the specific requirements of their clients, enabling them to optimize their profitability while ensuring data protection and availability.

Secure Payments Solution

The new Secure Payments solution offered by Kaseya enhances the security and compliance of MSPs’ customers who accept online payments. By providing a PCI-compliant payment environment, MSPs can mitigate noncompliance risks and generate incremental revenue through payment environment optimization.

Reflections on the Kaseya-Datto Integration

Voccola took a moment to reflect on the 466 days since Kaseya acquired Datto, acknowledging both the successes and challenges encountered during the integration process. He expressed excitement about the swift integration and the value it has brought to MSP partners. Voccola outlined the objectives set during last year’s DattoCon, which included accelerating innovation, lowering prices, enhancing the MSP experience, and unifying partner interactions.

Accelerating Innovation and Lowering Prices

To deliver on the promise of innovation, Voccola shared that Kaseya had expanded its R&D and product organizations by adding over 300 engineers to its team. This investment has resulted in the launch of thousands of features across the IT Complete platform, including over 400 “killer features” aimed at providing tangible value to MSP partners. Additionally, Voccola emphasized Kaseya’s commitment to affordability by reducing prices by an average of 15%, making their products more accessible to MSPs without compromising quality.

Datto-ifying the MSP Experience

Understanding the importance of Datto’s presence in the MSP community, Voccola emphasized the integration of Datto’s partner program into the Kaseya ecosystem. With the leadership and management of the Datto Partner program now part of Kaseya, the company has tripled its support for partner Marketing Development Funds (MDF) and partner-oriented initiatives. This integration ensures that MSPs continue to receive the same level of support and benefits they enjoyed as Datto partners.

Unifying the Partner Experience

Voccola reiterated his commitment to the future of DattoCon, assuring attendees that the event would continue to be an integral part of the MSP community. By affirming this commitment, Voccola aimed to instill confidence in MSPs and encourage their active participation in the conference in the years to come.

By Spencer Hulse Spencer Hulse has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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