J’Adore Les Fleurs Shares Tips to Create a Unique and Scalable Brand

Published on April 22, 2022

Especially in a world still getting to grips with digital technology, there are more business sectors than ever. As society develops into unchartered territories, such as the metaverse or globalized marketplaces, untraveled avenues of entrepreneurship reveal themselves to budding business people. For established entrepreneurs, though, there remain just a few truths about growing a prosperous and reputable business. Standing by these truths in times of uncertainty or when faced with competition can often be the determiner between success or failure.

Despite the strides it has made in light of online opportunities, the practice of flower arrangement and delivery is not typically considered cutting edge. However, J’Adore Les Fleurs (JLF) is a business with hopes for imminent expansion spanning the United States. Its co-founders, Alisa Tovmanyan and Eliza Glants, have identified some standout trends in the admirable growth of their brand, even beyond what would be expected in the social media age. They share their learned insight into attracting and retaining clients while strengthening a business’ bottom line:

Be innovative and inspired

J’Adore Les Fleurs could have set itself up as a straightforward flower business, branched out into online sales in recent years, and likely found a satisfactory turnover with its knowledge and expertise. But mediocrity or replication was never on the cards for those at the business’ helm. “We wanted to do more with our business than sell flowers,” they explain. “We wanted to revolutionize giving flowers in luxury branded packaging. We saw that we could be leaders in innovatively composing beautiful blooms in iconic boxes with a touch of elegance.”

The spark of inspiration marked the genesis of J’Adore Les Fleurs from a traditionally family-owned corner flower shop. What had begun as a new vision for the future of flower commerce in the United States has turned into a unique brand offering in the form of iconic hatbox packaging. The value of JLF’s differentiation became difficult to doubt when, in 2017, the company had achieved a landmark of three brick-and-mortar stores. Innovation proved to be the catalyst for an otherwise tried-and-true business model.

Create your own trends

Before J’Adore Les Fleurs’ expansion into the market, its co-founders contend that there were no vendors selling flowers with their level of passion, attention to detail, and luxury. Certainly, Alisa and Eliza believe that the inspiration they brought back from a vacation in Paris was seldom seen in the domestic flower marketplace. Despite its humble origins, their brand thrives today in some of the coveted dealings in the industry. That prestigious position was not gained by accident but by JLF’s reputation as a pioneering luxury flower brand.

“Since the initial launch of our hatbox arrangements, the idea has been mimicked and replicated in flower boutiques and shops worldwide,” the co-founders outline. “But for JLF, it was about more than selling flowers in a box or bouquet—it was about surrendering to creativity and passion.” That’s the crux of Aliza and Eliza’s advice to growing businesses: if your idea is original, then you are always going to be a leader, regardless of whether somebody copies you.

For the pair, the idea of trendsetting forms an integral part of their approach to obtaining and retaining clients while maintaining scalability. As far as they’re concerned, you can’t be second-best if you got there first.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Almost all entrepreneurs are aware of the need to take risks at some point in a business’ trajectory. Risk management is often what will decide the fate of a venture; when the right bet pays off, it can make an industry leader out of a start-up.

During the pandemic, many in the flower space pivoted towards an online-only footing to set up their future business. JLF’s co-founders, on the other hand, took a risk and decided that elements of their past were likely to remain long into the future. Some eventualities are small and relatively manageable, but standing on the side of brick-and-mortar retail could have ended in catastrophe.

Note: could have. “We kept our locations up and running,” they state. “The feedback from the majority of our customers showed that people like the personal shopping at stores, especially because our in-store team makes it such a wonderful experience.” Where many other businesses would have lost perspective and ignored the appeal of their brand, JLF stayed listened to its clients and stayed true to its heart. The more an entrepreneur understands a risk, the less risky it becomes.

In a world that shifts more rapidly than in its history, often not changing at all is the biggest gamble an entrepreneur can make. Only a business’ leaders have the best understanding of what can be gained or lost. In JLF’s case, its co-founders fought to keep the unique attraction to inspire generations of new clients and succeeded dramatically.

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