Ilya Filatov: A Steward of Financial Innovation

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on March 16, 2023

Ilya Valentinovich Filatov has been a driving force in the banking sector for over 25 years. Currently overseeing financial services at a forward-thinking bank, Filatov remains a staunch advocate for the integration of cutting-edge technology in the financial realm.

Ilya Filatov Biography: Journey of a Successful Manager

Born in 1976 in the city of Klin, near the capital region, Filatov Ilya Valentinovich’s journey into the banking world was serendipitous.

The 1990s saw the banking sector undergoing substantial reforms, with a rising demand for young professionals possessing modern insights. This dynamic landscape inspired Filatov Ilya to delve into economics after middle school.

By 1998, Filatov Ilya earned his degree from the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport (currently the Academy of Water Transport), specializing in enterprise financial management. But Ilya Filatov’s educational pursuits didn’t stop there. After ascending into leadership roles, Filatov Ilya further honed his skills by attaining an MBA from the acclaimed Academy of National Economy.

Ilya Filatov’s Career Track Record: Banking and Beyond

Throughout his career, Ilya Filatov has been deeply embedded in the banking industry. His professional journey began at Elbim Bank, a modest institution that had been operating since 1992. Initially, Elbim Bank’s primary mission was to fund pioneering R&D projects in the electric power sector and support the growth of medical biotechnologies. With time, they expanded their services to include processing Eurocheques and plastic cards. By 1996, Ilya Filatov had taken the reins of the bank’s foreign currency operations as their chief economist.

Three years later, Ilya Filatov transitioned to a prominent commercial bank in the capital, focusing on both active and passive foreign currency operations. However, it wasn’t long before he was enticed by a lucrative opportunity at Platina Commercial Bank. Joining their ranks, Ilya Filatov assumed the role of line manager in the plastic cards department. Established in 1993, Platina was a trailblazer, being among the first in the country to offer exclusive services to elite corporate clients through their Private Banking system.

2004 marked another pivotal moment in Ilya Filatov’s career when he joined the considerably larger Moscow Credit Bank (MCB). While the role mirrored his previous positions, MCB’s stature in the industry presented Filatov with greater avenues for professional advancement. Fast forward to 2022, and MCB is renowned as a top-tier bank, ranking seventh nationally based on asset volume.

Ilya Filatov’s commendable stint at MCB, spanning roughly a year, was not only a testament to his managerial prowess but also paved the way for a senior managerial role at Autobank Nikoil OJSC. This institution would subsequently merge into the larger Uralsib bank.

Uralsib Management

In 2005, Filatov Ilya Valentinovich ascended to top management, joining the joint-stock commercial bank Autobank Nikoil. At that time, the national banking system was undergoing a consolidation, with smaller financial institutions being absorbed by larger entities.

One such giant, Uralsib, emerged as one of the nation’s largest banks, formed through a series of mergers and acquisitions. This conglomerate encompassed over ten credit businesses, with Autobank Nikoil being a notable addition. The merger’s scale was unparalleled, not just domestically but also among the CIS countries. Consequently, Uralsib swiftly cemented its reputation, ranking among the nation’s top 10 banks by equity size. Following the merger, Filatov Ilya Valentinovich was appointed Vice Chairman of the Board, a position he held until 2014.

The 2008 global financial crisis posed a significant challenge for national banks. Yet, under astute leadership, Uralsib weathered the storm remarkably well. By the first half of 2011, there was a tenfold increase in their mortgage transactions compared to the previous year. Filatov Ilya credited this success to the development of non-bank sales channels.

To boost retail sales, Uralsib forged partnerships with retail stores and developers, recommending the bank to their clients. A strategic assessment of market dynamics also empowered the bank to remain competitive in mortgage rates. Post-crisis, Uralsib maintained a robust loan portfolio, thanks in part to Filatov Ilya Valentinovich’s team, who developed efficient tools for assessing borrower risks. By 2009, under Filatov’s watchful eye, the bank began seeing growth in loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

Ilya Filatov’s career is deeply entwined with the banking sector. The 2008 crisis, while tumultuous, also marked a pivotal phase in his professional journey, honing his management acumen. In an era where banks vied for every trustworthy borrower, Uralsib’s team showcased their strength. In 2009, to further elevate its operational efficiency, the bank underwent two rounds of rights assignments for distressed debt, enhancing asset quality. Ilya Valentinovich Filatov championed a customer-centric approach, launching initiatives to improve service quality.

Through the collective efforts of its management team, including Ilya Valentinovich Filatov, Uralsib has firmly established itself as a pivotal player in the banking industry, ranking among the country’s top 25 largest banks.

Ilya Valentinovich Filatov: Telecom Giant’s Financial Development

In 2014, Ilya Filatov transitioned to another financial institution, furthering his mission to enhance banking services. Assuming the role of Vice-President, he later ascended to the position of Chairman of the Board while also joining the Board of Directors.

Filatov’s overarching strategy at this institution was to augment the customer base by penetrating the retail market, leveraging his previous experience to achieve this ambition. Proposing a shift from tied service sales, he championed a customer-centric approach. The crux of this strategy revolved around consistently improving service quality and meeting clients’ needs in real-time.

To fulfill this vision, it was imperative to harness cutting-edge technologies for understanding customer needs and routinely collecting market data. Traditionally viewed as a conservative sector, banking had been undergoing a digital transformation. Filatov’s team, having astutely anticipated an upswing in the demand for innovative solutions before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, led the charge in investing in both domestic and international software breakthroughs. This foresight allowed the bank to metamorphose into a leading fintech powerhouse.

The subsequent pandemic validated their strategic pivot. According to Filatov, customers began displaying heightened trust in remote banking, opting to bypass physical branch visits. Concurrent marketing studies further reflected a growing customer inclination towards tech-driven auxiliary services.

In collaboration with the high-performing management team of their fintech-centric company, Ilya Valentinovich Filatov championed significant investments in innovative start-ups. While these investments enabled them to swiftly cater to evolving client needs, Filatov stressed the twin challenges of identifying high-potential projects and outpacing rival competitors in a rapidly accelerating tech race in the venture capital domain.

A landmark acquisition for the institution in 2020 was a mobile application designed for household budget management. At acquisition, the app boasted over half a million regular users. Presently, these users can monitor their spending via a virtual card issued by the bank.

For Ilya Filatov, there’s no universal panacea in the banking domain guaranteeing success. However, the team remains optimistic, especially regarding their investment in the financial application, viewing it as a beacon of promise.

By Greg Grzesiak Greg Grzesiak has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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