How Jantzen Shinmoto Embodies the Spirit of Selflessness as a Hawaii Real Estate Agent

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on April 5, 2024

Success means different things to different people. In real estate, most perceive it to be a high return on investment or a turnkey home set for life.

Oahu’s Jantzen Shinmoto gained a case to be the best real estate agent in Hawaii through an unconventional route. His beliefs are refreshing for the countless buyers and sellers who look at The Aloha State’s manifold appeals but struggle to find an ally on their chosen island. For Jantzen, a Realtor at Locations Hawaii, success means helping others, building a future, and contributing to the greater good.

Investors and those relocating may feel out of luck in the current climate, marginalized by high-interest rates and rising uncertainty. But in any walk of life, a helping hand is all it takes to improve your prospects. Here’s how Jantzen Shinmoto is ushering communal spirit into an industry that often feels like it’s you against the world:

Progressive perceptions

Making an impact starts with changing public perceptions. If people feel like they can’t trust a real estate agent in Hawaii and would prefer to proceed alone, that indicates a problem. Jantzen Shinmoto is passionate about opening Oahu and its time-honored treasures to anyone who wants to buy property there.

“My goal isn’t to sell the house; my goal is to make sure I am advising my client on the best course of action for their real estate and financial goals,” he explains. “It may not end in a sale, and that’s okay. I want to break the stigma that salespeople are manipulative and pushy and show them that a realtor can look out for their best intentions and plans.”

One of the tell-tale signs of whether you can trust a realtor is their background and life story. Jantzen Shinmoto entered the industry to ensure that his family could remain on the island despite the high cost of living.

Becoming a knowledgeable real estate agent at Locations Hawaii and earning certifications like Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR) and Military Relocation Professional (MRP) is as much about financial freedom as it is about being equipped to educate his friends and family. Establishing a thriving community is the vision that keeps him motivated from transaction to transaction.

Extra efforts

Now, down to reality on the rich, volcanic ground. It’s a good start for your realtor to have their heart in the right place—let alone be attempting to create change—but real estate transactions rely on attention to detail for dreamlike deals to come to fruition.

Jantzen Shinmoto believes no job is below a good Hawaii real estate agent. While he specializes in areas as diverse as military relocation, luxury homes, and first-time purchases, it’s his universal belief in going above and beyond that earned him exclusively five-star reviews.

Anything from landscaping and cleaning to transporting possessions is on the table for Jantzen’s clients at Locations Hawaii. Echoing his selfless philosophy, he often buys closing gifts with his commission earnings.

It’s difficult to deny that a realtor with these tendencies is as dedicated to their neighbors as they are to their career: “No matter what, I want to try and take a lot of the stress of a real estate decision onto my shoulders and off my clients.”

Worthwhile wisdom

Usually, only Jantzen Shinmoto’s clients experience his philosophy in action. But now, the Hawaii real estate agent is extending his knowledge to the world. Here are three tips to get started on your purchase, sale, or investment:

“Look at your current financial situation in its entirety,” Jantzen says. “You won’t be able to buy a home until you have a clear financial goal to work towards. Talk with a lender or financial advisor.”

“Get into the market by starting with a smaller property first,” he continues. “This will eventually allow you to purchase the bigger dream home you want in the future.”

The Locations Hawaii Realtor’s final piece of advice calls back to the reason he got into real estate. Jantzen believes the difference between running on a treadmill forever and hiking to the peak of a mountain is your financial education. Investing in yourself and purchasing property will start to feel like a step towards freedom and a more fruitful future.

Having grown up in Hawaii, Jantzen Shinmoto is a prime example of how one’s personal passions and professional perspective can parallel one another. He even published a book, ‘Honest Hawaii Travel Advice,’ to help tourists understand Hawaii’s culture before seeing its glittering ocean from an airplane window. On your journey, seek out selflessness in your realtor for an experience and outcome filled with the aloha spirit.

By Jordan French Jordan French has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

Journalist verified by Muck Rack verified

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