Hofy Raises $15.2 mln In Funding To Make Remote Working Easier Than Ever

By Juan Fajardo Juan Fajardo has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
Published on October 19, 2021

Hofy, a SaaS startup based in London, has secured $15.2 million in funding to allow companies to easily provide new hires with the hardware they need to work remotely.

With participation from Stride.VC, Kindred Capital, Activum SG Ventures, TrueSight Ventures, 20 VC, and Day One Ventures, as well as prominent angel investors like Ed Lando and Azeem Azhar, the round brings the startup out of stealth. Fred Destin, Founder at Stride.VC., referred to the firm’s decision to fund the startup by stating:

“Remote, hybrid and distributed work is here to stay and organizations need scalable ways to attract and retain the best talent who demand flexibility. Any business wanting to succeed in the global economy needs to be able to attract global top talent, and in order to do so they can no longer offer a second-class experience to employees outside of the Bay Area or London. Hofy democratizes the employee experience and delivers a memorable first day on the job for everyone, which has a huge impact on culture, productivity and compliance.”

Founded in 2020, Holy is looking to facilitate remote working by allowing employers to easily rent, manage, and recover hardware for their remote working teams in a matter of seconds. The platform not only covers hardware ranging from laptops to chairs but also offers global coverage, allowing companies to truly take advantage of remote working to take their hiring to a new level. Sami Bouremoum, Hofy CEO and Co-Founder, said about this mission:

“Improving the remote employee experience is vital to building the workplace of the future. The world has shifted from a myriad of local talent pools into a single, increasingly competitive global talent pool. Hofy makes it easy for companies to onboard new hires anywhere in the world by setting up their home offices in just a few clicks – ensuring they feel as excited for their first day, ergonomically comfortable, and productive working remotely as they would in a traditional office, no matter where they’re located.”

With companies around the world debating about having their employees return to the office as COVID19 vaccination efforts progress, millions of workers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the idea. 1 in 3 workers has stated that they would rather look for a new job that allows them to work remotely than return to the office. This has prompted companies to rethink how work is done, with many opting to transition to remote work in a permanent manner.

This trend has resulted in great momentum for Hofy over the past 5 months, having grown its revenue by more than 10x while operating in stealth, with its user base more than tripling during the same period. By reducing the costs and effort associated with provisioning new remote hires, the startup is aiming to become a major player while boosting the adoption of remote working by providing global coverage and lifetime support.

By Juan Fajardo Juan Fajardo has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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