How YouTube Child Star, Gavin Magnus, Utilizes Social Media to Capture the Hearts of Fans

Published on March 22, 2019

With the rapidly growing nature and sophistication of technology and social media, the ways in which people are utilizing them to grow their image are full of endless potential.

Traditionally, to be “seen” by the music industry, it was the “paper and pen” method, where you had to have your physical portfolio of work along with an agent.

Today, it’s all about online visibility and how your community reacts to you. Record labels are now able to scour the internet and social media pages of candidates and up and coming stars to get a feel for who they are and what their fan-base thinks.

You can even find up-and-coming child stars on the internet, most of whom have their pages managed by their parents. But how are these stars at such a young age utilizing and taking advantage of the technology before them?

Photo Credit: Deidhra Fahey

Take Disney and YouTube star, Gavin Magnus for example. At twelve (12) years old, he has been crushin’ it (no pun intended with his recent single) over the past year developing an online fan base to the hundreds of thousands with a net worth of over $500,000.

But, how does he use social media to help grow his image, even at such a young age?

Well, first thing to know is that his Mom manages his social media accounts. Most platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have age-restrictions under 13. But, have no fear, Magnus is still the one who is deciding the content he wants out there.

I spoke with the young star about how he has used tech to further his career.

Grit Daily: How has social media either made your uprising as a star easier, or maybe at times, difficult?

Gavin Magnus: It’s really made it really hard at times, but I have both a love/hate for it at the same time. I have so many supportive fans, but along with popularity, there most definitely comes hate. I recognize that I can’t please them all.

GD: What’s your favorite electronic device?

GM: Definitely my phone, ha! My phone is always on me, even when I should be in bed sleeping!

Gavin Magnus Speaks Out On Online Trolling

GD: Have you ever experienced bullying or online trolling? How have you handled it?

GM: Yes. With a large following, you’re bound to get those kinds of messages at some point. I receive alot of DM’s (direct messages) on Instagram with hatred, or people trying to bring me down.

You know, as I mentioned to you in our other interview, I went to public school. I never felt like I fit in, and I looked different. I always felt like an outsider.

GD: What tips do you have for your friends and fans that may be targeted by bullies online?

GM:  Usually haters are just people who want to be you, whether they want to live your life themselves and/or are just miserable. In the future, I would like to travel and speak to kids about the effects of bullying.

Andrew "Drew" Rossow is a former contract editor at Grit Daily.

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