Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t hold back his real opinions on blockchain and bitcoin

Published on June 22, 2019
Gary Vee has opinions about pretty much everything these days and the people are lining up in droves to listen. On Instagram alone, Vaynerchuk this year hit the six-million follower mark, putting him well north of household names like Wolf Blitzer, Bill Nye, Theresa May, Lil Nas X, and nipping at the heels of Usher (8.1 million).

So why not get his opinion on blockchain and flagship cryptocurrency, bitcoin? Cryptocurrency and blockchain are seemingly everywhere. Are they actually worth the investment or are they just hype? What do the experts think?

Grit Daily partner Inno & Tech Today Editor-in-Chief Charles Warner (right) sat with Gary Vaynerchuk (left) for a wide-ranging exclusive. Warner asks famed entrepreneur, investor, and social-media personality Gary Vaynerchuk about his thoughts on bitcoin and blockchain. Here is what he had to say:

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