How Fybr is Helping Shape the Smart City

Published on August 25, 2019

Providing modern data and algorithms to provide solutions for everything from smart city transportation and lighting to agricultural and energy management, Fybr has created a platform for our connected world.

We spoke with CEO Bob Glatz and Chief Engineering Officer Bret Beringer about the solutions provided by the company, how they deal with cybersecurity threats, and interesting ways the platform can be utilized.

Tell me about one of the turnkey solutions provided by the Fybr platform.

Bob Glatz: Well, parking is certainly the most mature turnkey solution that we’ve developed. We have a world-class parking sensor, we have the end-to-end IoT network, and we have data analytics, so we can provide a city with custom analysis of big data. We also provide the apps that give turn-by-turn directions to an available parking place and directed enforcement.

We’re in discussion with manufacturers about uploading available parking information into cars so that drivers can see the information on their heads-up display. They can also see augmented reality information, where we can display a sign, using the vehicle’s heads-up display, that shows there are three parking spaces if you turn right, two if you turn left, and none if you go straight, which can help the guidance process significantly.

How does Fybr keep up with the current state of cybersecurity?

Bret Beringer: One of the things that we’re doing is AES encryption on all data that goes through our system. We use NIST-approved algorithms with unique, secure device keys, and unique, secure sessions keys.

Being a complete end-to-end solution, it allows us the unique opportunity to be able to manage that security all the way through.

What type of sector, perhaps in the sustainability realm, can benefit the most from Fybr?

BG: We’ve debated that internally. We’re doing pilot projects right now with organizations that consume significant amounts of energy.  These companies want to better understand the energy they use in real time so that they can more effectively manage process inputs. The information exists within and around the plant, but management has no easy and/or economical way to collect, report, and analyze it.

And so, we can connect valves, meters, and/or sensors to a FybrLynk, and literally extract information from the process in real time. With real-time visibility into energy flows, management can make critical adjustments that save energy costs and improves processes.

We also extract real-time, block-by-block air quality data for cities that allows residents to plan a run or their walk to the office on a route with the best air quality at any given time. As we’ve captured this data, we’ve been surprised by the impact that construction and traffic congestion actually has on air quality.

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